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The Air Force made a deal with the Nordics so that they could covertly recruit more personnel into their secret space program. They were given new technology in order to accomplish this. As a compromise, the Air Force could only enlist personnel for up to twenty years at a time. Using this Nordic technology, they would then go through a pharmasutical age-regression, have their mind blank-slated, and be portalled back to their point of origin, a few minutes after they were abducted.[1][2] Similar programs exist or have existed on third density planets throughout the local cluster.[3]

The Air Force brass had been planning developing it and had plans to implement it for a while, but it wasn't actually implemented until right after Solar Warden became active in 1984.[4]

The 20 & Back is an offer normally made to military personnel, but they also needed civilians to act as specialists.[1] Only a very small percentage of civilian assets are used. These “eggheads” are not necessarily recruited for twenty years at a time. They go for 18 months, four years, or eight years at a time.[2] They are then either reassigned or returned to Earth.[4] Some civilian scientists, engineers and technicians were being recruited from throughout the modern industrial age.[2][5]

No one on a 20 & Back is allowed to interact with VIPs or interact with Earth after the time they were recruited. This countermeasure is taken to prevent the creation of a time paradox.[6]

At the end of the 20 years, they have an option for another 20 years.[4] The maximum number of 20 & Backs people are allowed to go through is three because everyone experiences mental deterioration during the third one.[7]

U.S. inmates are eligible to be taken on a 20&Back by the ICC/Dark Fleet without their consent, doing manual labor as a slave.[8]

People who ended up getting scars due to traumatic incidents will receive ghost scars in the same areas after being regressed.[9]