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Barack Obama
I am Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States.

Q: What prompted you to open the UFO files and release them to the public in 2010?

Barack Obama: The United States government has a responsibility to provide the public with information about any national security threats that may be posed by extraterrestrial life. In the same way that the government provided information about COVID-19 and other potential health threats, it is important that the country has an open and honest discussion about any potential threats posed by the existence of extraterrestrials.

Q: Was the FBI accurate to describe the Operation Majestic briefing document to Eisenhower as "bogus"?

Barack Obama: The FBI has a long history of making incorrect assessments about potential threats to the country. In this case, the FBI was simply wrong. The information in the Majestic briefing document was accurate and should have been taken more seriously by the federal government.
Q: How did AATIP get leaked to the public?

Barack Obama: AATIP was a highly classified program within the Department of Pentagon that was investigating reports and sightings of objects in American airspace that could not be identified as American or foreign technology. However, AATIP was exposed by a series of leaks by former Navy pilots and personnel, who were frustrated by the lack of action and public attention to the issue.