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TRW had been developing age-regression technology from 1967-1971, and this technology has been operational in the SSPs since at least 1976, as reported by Michael Relfe.

As standard operating protocol, the subject is taken to Lunar Operations Command. They are taken to a medical floor. The subject is given injections all around his or her body and put into a drug-induced coma for several days.

After the age-regression, the subject is placed in a time machine, which operates much like an MRI machine. They pop out of time and reappear twenty years earlier in the same machine.[1][2]

By the time the subject wakes up, they will find theirself with a body that is as young as when they first began their 20 & Back. They are then portaled back into their bedroom, where only a discrepancy of several minutes has passed between them leaving and returning.

The age-regression occurred while under sedation and when we came out we were also at that point time-regressed. I was not conscious during this process and only remember going into the room and laying on the table where card board like panels were put up around me, and as I was being sedated, I was heavily restrained so that I could not move at all. We had to be kept perfectly still or motionless during the process. 

The subject is given personalized screen memories, designed with the aid of their psychological profile.


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