Most ancient breakaway civilizations are time travelers from the future who came to the past to maintain their timeline.[1]

Omega Group

Omega Group

This breakaway civilization is about 18,000 years old. They are based on both Venus and under Turkey but mostly the former. They are subservient to a reptilian race that owns a lot of “real estate” in Africa. They have a powerful military. They are in charge of guarding Venus and its active Ancient Builder Race technology.

Inner Earth Council

The Inner Earth Council a council of representatives from the various ancient breakaway civilization groups and non human groups that consider themselves indigenous to the earth. “Some of these groups have not always been the most positive groups towards humanity but after recent subterranean skirmishes against the Secret Earth Governments, their syndicates as well as their allied off-world groups they have given up some of their isolationist traditions and began meeting openly with groups they once hid their existence from. The areas under Tibet were hit hard and are expected to be obvious targets in the future.”[2]


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