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The Andromedans are 5th density extraterrestrials from Zenetae, a binary star syatem in the Andromeda constellation. They have lifespans lasting thousands of years and said to be around 8ft tall or more. They are fruititarians. Apparently, they were living among the ancient Egyptians in the distant past, as they can be seen on many hieroglyphs.

About 850 years in our future, the Andromedans traced back tyranny to our planet. They time-traveled back to 1980 to make contact with humans in order to steer us away from that negative timeline.[1][2] They have made contact with four Andromedan wanderers: Alex Collier, someone in South America, someone in Asia, and someone in Europe.[2] When abducting someone, they will aim a very thin light-blue laser at their target, and their atoms will be pulled up like light travels through an optical fiber.[3][4]

They have thousands of spherical motherships called “arks.” They are worlds in themselves. All aspects of physical and spiritual life occur within them. They are each 900 miles in diameter. They are continuously moving in exploration, research of life, and evolution. Passengers may spend their entire lifetime or even several incarnations on a mothership as it's traveling.[5] The ones within our solar system are parked just outside of the asteroid belt.

In the center of these arks are three to nine 25-mile-long natural parks, complete with an artificial day-night cycle. Their circadian rhythm lasts 23 days.[6] On the perimeter of these parks are the living quarters.

Each ark carries about 10,000 scout craft, each about 30 feet in diameter.