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The Anshar are a 4th density ancient breakaway civilization. They are humans from the future. In their original timeline, during their transition to fourth density, they began to experience a “Mandela effect.” They travelled back in time to 17-18 million BCE to the effects point of origin to maintain their timeline. A small contingent travelled back in time to the effect’s point of origin as a lynchpin. This small population expanded drastically over millions of years. Another contingent travelled back in time to the current fourth density shift. Their population is currently in the millions.[1]

The elders have a device that enables them to fly like Superman.[2] The Anshar “sleep” by spending forty minutes every few days in an egg-shaped chair. These chairs allow one to access their neural network.[3]

The elders are about two feet taller than the rest of the Anshar. Like the Tall Whites, they go through a second phase of growth. They fly most of the time.[3]

The Anshar have a historic connection to ancient human settlements in Antarctica, before the most recent pole shift.[4]

The Anshar were one of the groups interacting with the ancient Sumerians to assist them in the recovery of their civilization after the great catastrophe that destroyed Atlantis.[4]

The Anshar are karmically tied to Earth humans. Therefore, we act as an anchor for their evolutionary progress. If humans don't choose the optimal temporal reality, the Anshar could cease to exist. To help guide us to the optimal temporal reality, the Anshar have been reaching out telepathically to humans on the surface in order to raise their vibrations.


The Anshar do not practice matrimony. Instead, they have family groups. They raise each other’s children in these groups.[5]

They view sexual intercourse as an energetic exchange.[5]


Anshar city

The Anshar reside inside a gigantic cavern underneath central South America.[6]

Anshar city 2

They fly buses as well as cigar-shaped, egg-shaped, and saucer-shaped craft. Their craft as well as all of their technology is powered by the mass consciousness of their civilization.[6][5]

In the Anshar city, there are areas around the cavern that look like they were dematerialized to make room for living quarters. The rock that was removed appears to have been recycled and liquified to construct the tall glass buildings.[6] All of their buildings are modular.[7]

At the end of each major cycle, the Anshar, as well as all of the ancient breakaway civilizations, move all of their people and all of their buildings into a temporal anomoly they generate in the middle of their cities. This is to protect the Anshar from disappearing due to divergence from their timeline.[7]


They have a park where many of the creatures that roamed the Earth while the Anshar lived on the surface are preserved.

The Anshar sustain themselves on plant and fungus life. They have a large garden, many acres in size, where all of their food is grown. All of their food is grown in a crystal substrate. Mineral-enhanced water is used to grow their crops.[8] They eat raw vegetables and vegetarian sweet cakes. Because their food is very high in nutrients, you immediately feel energized after eating it.[2]


Their library is like a time machine. As you walk from one end of it to the other, tablets become scrolls which become handwritten books which become modern-day books. All of the modern books had ISBN numbers on them. They have physical copies of books that are the most important to them. Everything else is stored in crystals. Not only do the Anshar keep a close eye on our written works, but they also browse our internet.

Anshar eggs

The Anshar have one area reserved for influencing thoughts and making telepathic contact with surface humanity. This room is filled with eggshell-shaped seats for the Anshar to sit down on and enter into a meditative state.