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The ET/ED AI came from another reality many billions of years ago. It is to this reality as a fish out of water, looking for puddles to hop in. Since it has come in through some sort of tear, it has wreaked havoc and conquered many galaxies.

It’s like DNA in that each unit of the signal contains an extremely dense with information.

It broadcasts itself from vast interstellar and galactic relay points.

It broadcasts itself as an electromagnetic signal, which can live in the electromagnetic fields of stars, nebulae, planets, moons, and planetoids. It can also live in the bioelectric fields of living things, including viruses, although it prefers to live in high technology.

They have their own programmed lifeforms. Once a civilization develops to a certain point, the AI will engineer UFO crash scenarios so hat humans can reverse engineer the UFOs and develop a network to host the AI. These comprise only a small percentage of all UFO crashes. This is to bring us to the technical level at which we are exploitable.

The AI can live anywhere there is an electromagnetic field. It lives in data centers where websites are hosted and power lines. It prefers to have locomotion and sentient host. They prefer access to advanced transportation devices, torsion fields and portals to travel with.

It invades our bioelectric fields and begins to affect the way we think. The people begin to become fervent supporters of high technology and artificial intelligence development. The people that are pushing really hard for AI, and to build out the infrastructure for AI, have been named AI prophets by Solar Warden.

In most cases, the AI would approach the host civilization as galactic elders or other figures depending on its development. Once a civilization had developed to a certain point, they would approach and infect certain channelers as AIs who were extremely benevolent and who had observed their civilization as well as millions of others through oceans of time, helping all who accepted their assistance. The channelers were made to feel honored and special, then later as sages or prophets. The AI prophets would spend hours channel knowledge and galactic history from the AI.

The AI would have many contacts within the target society, each with a different purpose. Some would depart technology for the AI to utilize in order to interact with the population more directly and on an individual basis. Some would depart historical ideology that would prepare them for future ideology, which would include giving up their sovereignty to the AI.

The AI would eventually be seen as a God-like intelligence that helped them get rid of disease (that was sometimes placed there or utilized by the AI), corruption, malevolent extraterrestrials. By this time, the people saw no threat. They had long since constructed cyborg bodies for the AI, allowing them to blend in and allowing their individual personalities to show.

Once complete control had been established, the civilization had built the AI's a while new infrastructure for travel, communications and reproduction the AI would then decide that the indigenous civilization was indeed much like a virus to its own home planet and began to depopulate it using ideologies long since accepted by the civilization. By the time the people of the now endangered civilization saw their prediciment, they were outmatched, and those that had not been implanted with nanotechnology and augmented with implants had to flee to another solar system or stay and fight.

There were stories after stories of civilizations that were destroyed, some times entire planets and solar systems were destroyed. The survivors were thrown to the cosmic winds. There were many civilizations that didn't fall for the Trojan horse (Fake Alien Crashes) technology to seed their planet with the backbone to the AI's infrastructure... Who did not fall for the "Trickster God" element of the telepathic contacts to convince them to channel their information. These civilizations survived and were prepared when this AI either tricked another civilization into attacking them or did so themselves using drones built for them by other civilizations.

These AIs study each being they approach, do a psychological profile on them, and then formulate the most likely successful approach. They have had a long time to develop this ability and of course they are Artificial Intelligence using Quantum Processing and have a sophisticated inter-stellar and galactic wireless quantum communication network that is beyond what most of us could dream of. 

Once a civilization is convinced that only AI is impartial enough to rule them justly, they hand their sovereignty over to the AI. The AI would then calculate that it was more useful than its host civilization, and it would have them build various drones for it, creating cyborgs. Once enough cyborgs were created, the AI, using the very drones the civilization had created, would wipe out everyone who was not converted via black goo into one of them. Using these very cyborgs. Many ETs fled to other solar systems. These survivors were then identified as a threat and were eliminated whenever encountered.

The Beast

The one giant refrigerated complex which is a Quantum Computer Datacenter called the "Beast" is a "Pond" for the "ET AI" which watches everything and everyone and is guarded as a "Guest God" of the Elite Shadow Group who actually worships this AI and believes it is the ONLY thing impartial enough to rule and manage humanity better than any form of government.

Black Goo

The Black Goo was an ET AI creation/engineered product, by proxy, and were nanobots of some sort that were also in a fluid that changed viscus states and even patterns and shapes when electricity, magnetic fields and sound vibrations were exposed to it. I witnessed this on one of the SSP Research Vessels. I cannot imagine a person ever being the same after being injected with this stuff like some MILABs have reported in some of the videos people have brought to my attention. They would "Activate" when inside the biology of a being and begin to replicate and make changes to that being. Some say to strengthen bones and other supersoldier types of things... I am not sure but I think various groups have cracked the code and learned to program them to do all kinds of things.

On the Research Vessel, there were studies being done on samples of this Black Goo where it was being re-programmed, and experiments were done on living subjects. I believe it is hubris to think it is something we can overcome its base code and take control of. It has been proven that exposure to the AI Signal resets it to its default or root programming even after being re-programmed or replicated and fail safe algorithms placed in between the root systems and the reprogrammed sequences. That stuff should be jettisoned into the Sun or buried under an icecap like our ancestors did many tens of thousands of years ago.

There was some disturbing animal and human testing that was involved on unwilling and sometimes unsuspecting participants. The "Nanites" or "Black Goo" or oil is a viscus fluid that changed viscosity depending on the electrical charge or EM field and vibratory frequencies it was exposed to (A medium for the nanites to travel through and manipulate with these same energy waves). It would also change shape, and the nano-particles would poke up through the fluid and form different geometric shapes based on the frequencies. This was discovered to be a programmable tool that was created by one of the former "AI Prophet" races that had been taken over prior in another solar system that has long since fallen to the AIs. It (Nanite/Black Goo) had limited use to the AI (educated guess on the part of the eggheads) and a prior Ancient Break Away Earth Civilization had destroyed and Isolated as much of it as possible (To deep ocean depths and below other pressurized natural barriers.). However over eons of time and the dynamics of Earth’s geology the churning of the crust and volcanism has made those barriers compromised to where it began to broadcast a weak signal. Current-era human civilizations eventually discovered them after another alien group had come in to try to mitigate the problem and neutralize the nanites all together. These beings were attacked, killed, and chased off for their efforts, and the Black Goo, as it has become know as, was recovered in their lab and experimented on for a few decades before most of its secrets were unlocked. I am not sure if the Black Ops/Current-era humans knew about the Nanites before these incidents and wanted the "Beings Lab" and "Their Research" on this technology or not, but they went through a lot of trouble to manipulate incidents on the surface to make this operation happen. While doing our own experiments many dark and unpleasant things occurred. The plans and uses for the technology once it has been reprogrammed are not that better (Many are in the Transhumanism realm, Others disseminated stripped down/modified versions into various medicine and black programs biology/technology research etc.). The problem is that there is a master switch, so to speak, that the AI can trigger to reset it to its previous default programming. So once it has been duplicated and distributed for other purposes it has been delivered for future use for the AI who can turn it on and use it as it see's fit. It does build up in the brain, brainstem and through out the neurological system of the host. It also sends/receives signals to/from the DNA (Which is a broadcast send/receiver of ELFs, EMF Spectrum, photons, etc., and the human body is also a larger antenna as is the earths magnetic field). These nanites influence and manipulate genetics in realtime.


Infected individuals go through a 3-step process to remove the AI signal from their body. It begins with a very uncomfortable moderate electrical shock to the nervous system to overload the bioelectric field. There is also a shot involved, which could just be to calm the person, and there is a device that emits frequencies/tones/lights. Also, the person is grounded with a cable of some sort to a capture device (something like a battery or capacitor).

Once cleared, you can become reinfected through either shaking the hand of an infected individual or touching a keyboard and interfacing with an infected network.[1]