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"Scopalomine" is the most common Drug Used by "Intelligence Agencies" to "Blank Slate" Peoples Memories Originating in "Project Artichoke"...

Project Artichoke (Started off with Morphine to alter "States of Consciousness" or to "Hypnotise". This "Evil Drug" then became a quick favorite for many years after its discovery by CIA's Agents working with Drug Lords shipping Cocaine into the USA for raising "CABAL" and "Black Ops Money".)

Many of you who "Research" both of these topics are sure to have heard of people having their memories tampered with or being "Chemically Debriefed" using a Drug called "Scopalomine".

Towards the end of the time I was being "Debriefed" they were using mostly "Electronic" means of achieving the same results. The Technology didn't leave "Toxicology" traces and didn't have a cumulative affect on the "Target's"/"Asset's" Neurological Systems and Psyche (Or less of a long term affect anyway).

There was a certain percentage of "Subjects" who were naturally resistant to these chemical and technological methods. Some of us would take the memory wipe or screen memory for a few days before the chemicals would break down in our system and our subconscious put things back together in the background until the real memories broke through. Some of these people after reaching the age of puberty became so resistant to these techniques that they had little or no effect at all. Usually these people were also valuable "Assets" so they were just kept a close eye on. For those like us that were not "Manageable" in their regular practices, these memories are not "Recovered" or "Screen" but full recall.  

Project Artichoke is active MILAB program[1]

Yeah, 3 to 5% of the time. And then they have to mitigate those problems when they occur.[2]

Many in the MILAB programs, once they're put back into their normal life, they are mind-wiped, blank-slated, but they exhibit symptoms of PTSD but there's no real reason for them to have PTSD.

Back in the day, they used to use mainly a chemical-type of blank-slating. It was a chemical . . . They used chemicals and then hypnosis and program you with screen memories, which are the hardest things to shake loose.

3~5% of the people that they blank-slate, the memories come back. And these are usually the intuitive empaths or the highly sensitives.

What occurs is that you have this physical hard drive here [Corey points to his brain]. Well, what you are experiencing is not only stored right here, otherwise you wouldn't have memories of past lives.

What occurs is that you have all this information up in the cloud, virtually. People that are intuitive empaths or highly sensitives, they have more of a connection to their higher self and it's almost like if you have a hard drive die on you in a data center, or something happens and the information is removed from the hard drive, it just backs up or downloads from the cloud or the backup.

This is a process that happens in trickles and then it just hits you all at once.

Most of it hit me within two weeks of coming back. Then I had a lot of the screen memories like . . . Originally, my memory of when I was taken from my house to enter the program, was that I was teleported through some sort of stargate out of my room.

It's different with each person how . . . They can't use the same type of blank-slating and mind control with each person too. They have to have a personality profile and understand how the person . . . It's a huge process and it's a very involved process.

a lot of the people that have had these 20-and-back experiences . . . and a lot of scientists, they will do six years, or eight years. They'll come back and they've been . . . Not only have they been blank-slated, but they've been given screen memories that causes them to have a reaction and then be the biggest skeptics of all . . . that “Oh, nah, that's just crazy talk”, when they were up there serving .[3]

In the programs, they used a synthetic form of scopolamine and a cocktail of other drugs when they were doing chemical blank slating.

David: And could they use that to plant hypnotic suggestions as well?

Corey: Yes. During the blank slating, you're losing memory of incidents. They're also implanting hypnotic suggestions in case you start to remember. So it's like a back door protection.[4]

But there is about 3-5% of people that they have a very hard time with blank slating and putting in the screen memories, and those were the intuitive empaths group.[5]

They have a couple of space stations up there that every time they orbit the Earth, they get a look at. So they're seeing these space stations that are about 400 miles to 500 miles out, and then they see the unacknowledged craft that are servicing these space stations. So they are very well aware.

A lot of these astronauts also go through a type of blank-slating as well.[6]