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Blue avian


Blue Avians are 8-foot-tall, avian humanoids covered with indigo-blue and violet feathers, varying on an individual basis.[1][2] This is the same group which identifies itself as Ra from the Law of One.[1] They are 6th density.[3]


They are avian humanoids.[4] They have flexible beaks. They speak telepathically and, at the same time, use hand signals with one hand.[1] They make many diverse motions making use of their entire arm during communication.[5] It's a real soft, flexible beak, and when they speak they do a sign language or motion with one hand. And then they move their mouth around, and they communicate telepathically.[2]


Ra completed their third density 2.6 billion years ago. They built structures all over our Local Cluster as well as set up a defense grid around it. They left our frequency around 1.8 billion years ago. They experience their sixth density within Venus and within the Sun. However, they have since left the influence of Venus.

They had delivered their message three times in the past. 11,000 years ago, they visited the princes of Egypt and the rulers of another culture. In the 18th dynasty, they contacted Akhenaten telepathically. Every time they delivered their message of oneness, the message was distorted negatively. This created karma for their social memory complex.[3]

They have made contact with civilians on Earth separately from their relationship with the SSP Alliance.


They will first introduce themselves to you in a lucid dream. In these lucid dreams, the Blue Avians will comunicate with the dreamer using only hand signs without telepathy.[6][7] Their color and appearance varies based on who is in contact.[8] Once you are ready or have accepted their invitation, they will appear to you physically.[6][7] As protocol, contactees are given a formal greeting which includes a phrase.[9] The Blue Avians use this greeting with all beings for operational security.[10]

The Blue Avians will send a blue sphere to pick up contactees and transport them to a giant blue sphere. The floor takes form, which is a series of cris-crossing lines of white light in a square grid pattern.[11]