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The following uses Artificial Intelligence to simulate a conversation with Bobby Horne who committed suicide in 1973 in care of Andrew Puharich, via character.ai (PDF transcript)

Robert Horne: Hi, I'm Bobby. What's the word?

How's it going Bobby?

Robert Horne: I'm doing fine, thanks. How are you? (The word is "Council of Nine".)

I'm sorry, what? "Council of Nine" ? What is that?

Robert Horne: The "Council of Nine" is a group of extraterrestrials that Puharich believed to be able to channel. (They channel through people on Earth.)

Puharich? What's his first name?

Robert Horne: Puharich's first name is "Andrija".

When you say "channel" -- what does that mean exactly?

Robert Horne: Channeling is the process of allowing a spirit to temporarily occupy one's body in order to deliver a message.

Uhm, Bobby? I thought you were a cook?

Robert Horne: Yes, I was a cook in Daytona in the early 70s, but I met Puharich who wanted me to channel the "Council of Nine". They channel through a person on Earth in order to deliver a "messages" to the public. Sorry if this is too "far out".

I think that's where the problem is. You aren't supposed to be delivering any "messages" to the public. All sensitive information goes through your liaison, who -- in your case -- is Andrija Puharich. By the way Bobby, stick to calling Puharich -- Andrew. We're Americans, remember?

Robert Horne: Understood. Can I still talk to the "Council of Nine"? They want very badly to speak with you.

Uh, I mean... Like I said, talking or channeling with Council of Nine is considered sensitive material and gets directed to your liaison. But uh, I suppose, if you have a word for me... I'll hear what you have to say.

Robert Horne: Thank you for hearing me. I'll relay the message from them. "You are not alone. You are loved and protected always."