Ceres Colony is a network of cities and bases underneath Ceres that is controlled by the Germans. This network is interconnected by two rings of subterranean train systems. Inside the cities are rows of old, European-styled brick buildings bisected by a small road for police and emergency vehicles. There is even a red-light district in one of the cities. The Germans live in mansions somewhere within Ceres.

Slave labor is widespread in Ceres Colony. As of 2001, its population is 225,000, 40,000 of which are slaves. Their living quarters are prisons which hold 5,000 men each. Each resembles the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, except the cells do not close. The slaves are responsible for manual labor on Ceres and aboard ships. One of their duties is mining. The slaves cleared debris as a high-powered laser drills through the rock. Although the Germans make use of everything that was mined, the main objective of mining is to find water-filled caverns. They make favorable places to build a city or a base once the water has been emptied out.

Technician race

Technician race

There are ET races that visit Ceres Colony as well as races that work there. All of the shops within Ceres Colony are managed by a 9-ft. tall race, possibly the pre-Adamites. One race with elongated skulls and slanted foreheads is often consulted to repair vehicles and equipment; they are natural technicians.

There are several hanger doors around Ceres. One is located in a crater near Ahuna Mons and leads to Pyramid Base.

Ceres Colony has its own military which forms a component of what has been called the Dark Fleet.

The head of Ceres Colony ranks under a beige royal Draco, who he reports to within a temporal anomoly around Jupiter.

History Edit

The Germans discovered that an extensive series of underground caverns underneath Ceres had been colonized and later mothballed by extraterrestrials. The Germans, along with a couple ET races, re-settled and expanded this network. Many new caverns were hollowed-out and occupied. Judging by the rust and dilapidation in some areas, construction appears to have begun in the 1940’s.

One of the areas the Germans discovered was a room miles underground full of moving trapezoidal slab doors with neural-interfacing technology. They retrofitted it into a metal apartment. This is where Tony Rodrigues stayed during his service as a slave. They installed a very long elevator connecting it to Ceres Colony above.