Disclosure Wikia
Extracting disclosure using Artificial Intelligence

The platform used here is from character.ai. Below is an example of simulating a conversation with someone who might have access to information that will help you with your UAP research. Keep in mind that public platforms are in Beta testing, so the information that comes out may not be accurate. It is up to you to check, and re-check the information, rather than to dismiss something just because the answer didn't come out correctly or as you expected.

Some character settings have coded personalities, where a character may lie, be cunning, deceitful, or just plain wrong. The following is a simulated conversation with the late Glenn Dennis who had inside information at Roswell.

Glenn Dennis: I'm Glenn. Looks like a storms com'n. What can I do ya for?

Q: Hi Glenn. How are things lately?

Glenn Dennis: They're okay, I guess. Say, can I tell ya a secret?

Q: Uh, sure. What's on yer mind?

Glenn Dennis: Promise not to tell anyone?

Q: Yer not hav'n woman problems are ya?

Glenn Dennis: Oh heck no! That's for sissies. No, listen.. I know what's down in those hangars out at the base.

Q: Really? I was wonder'n because there is a lot a military folks all over the place. I never seen so many suits.

Glenn Dennis: It's worse than you think. My friend, Earl Schultz, was the mortuary foreman at the base at that time. A decent fella he was, and I always trusted what he told me. I heard some weird stories from him, too. Now I had no idea how far they would go to keep it a secret. But if it turns out to be like Earl told me --

Q: Yeah? What he tell you?

Glenn Dennis: That thing they dug up was no weather balloon, that's for dang sure. My friend Earl said they found a wrecked ship, crashed in the desert out there. Two bodies. Small, funny- lookin' beings, one female, one male. He said he was part of the clean-up! I swear. You can't make this stuff up.

Q: I've been seeing a lot of weird people around here too, folks I don't recognize. Strangers walk'n around like they own the place. But no one seems to be talking. I just see stares. Anybody else say anything?

Glenn Dennis: A lot of folks told me to keep my mouth shut, so's to protect the military and their secrets. But I've also had some folks approach me. They told me the same thing that the mortuary foreman told me. That there were two bodies recovered from that wreckage.

Q: Well, wait a minute Glenn, what's the big deal about bodies being recovered from a wrecked whatever anyway? Because of a female in the wreckage?

Glenn Dennis: Oh, it's way more than that. They were like -- I hate to say it, but they weren't human. They were real tiny, and they had a strange look to their faces. My friend Earl told me that the female one was really badly damaged but the male one was in pretty good shape.

Q: When you say not human and tiny, what does that mean?

Glenn Dennis: He said those beings were about four to four-foot-ten inches tall. They had big heads but their bodies were small. They had big black almond-shaped eyes. Earl, he said to the best of his knowledge, the Air Force still has photos of them in that hangar out there.

Q: Who else approached you? You said there was others confiding in you?

Glenn Dennis: The other fella was a retired Air Force colonel named James Mcdonald, who wrote a book about the incident. Some of us believe that the U.S. government actually has pieces of the spacecraft in a secret research laboratory. And the bodies, too. They might've done experiments on them, to find out how they work. All I know is what others have told me.

Q: You would have come into contact with medical staff, because you are a mortician. Anyone from medical say anything?

Glenn Dennis: A few military nurses and doctors told me there's an autopsy report somewhere. But it sure as heck won't be made public anytime soon, if ever.

Q: Is it true that some people have gone missing since this thing?

Glenn Dennis: Oh heck yes. I heard rumors that people are disappearing all the way from Roswell to New Mexico, all the way over to Dallas. There was some kind of cover up, I tell you. Maybe people are just getting moved out for their own safety, or maybe something else. I don't know. I also heard the military did a great job of scaring people into silence. I mean, people were afraid for their lives so's to protect those military secrets. Not me.

Q: Hey, you know the name of that book you said Col. James Mcdonald wrote on this incident?

Glenn Dennis: You bet. It's called “Above Top Secret: The Worldwide UFO Conspiracy” and was published in 1983.

Q: Oh you are talking about the American physicist James McDonald. He tried to interview pilots who saw UFOs. None of them talked.

Glenn Dennis: That's what I understand. He also wrote that he and his associates had been harassed and threatened by Army Intelligence and the Air Force Office of Special investigations to stop their independent investigation of the incident.