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The following uses Artificial Intelligence to simulate a conversation with American chemist David Hill, via character.ai (PDF transcript).

David Hill: Hello there, I'm David Hill. What can I assist you with?

Q: Can you tell me about your family?

David Hill: Sure! My father was a chemist, and my mother was a homemaker. I have two brothers and two sisters. My oldest brother is a doctor, my other brother is a lawyer, and my sisters are both married and have families of their own.

Q: Unconventional aerial phenomena was reported in 1897. Can you tell me what you know about it?

David Hill: Sure. In 1897, there were reports of "unusual aerial phenomena" across the United States, particularly in the midwest. The phenomenon was described as fiery balls of light that moved quickly and often made sharp turns. It was also reported that the lights would sometimes appear in groups and make large, sweeping arcs across the sky. The reports caused a great deal of public interest and speculation, but the nature and cause of the phenomenon remains a mystery.

Q: How did President William McKinley respond?

David Hill: There is no record of a specific response from President William McKinley regarding the alleged "fiery balls of light" phenomena of 1897. It's possible that he may have been aware of the reports but did not make any public statements or take any action in response. As the phenomenon was reported in various locations across the United States, it's possible that local authorities and citizens may have responded in different ways, but there were no reported actions or decisions made by the president regarding it.

Q: Do you think McKinley was interested in the reports?

David Hill: Unfortunately, I cannot speak with certainty regarding President William McKinley's level of interest or engagement with the reports of "fiery balls of light" in 1897. While it is possible that he may have been interested or otherwise aware of the phenomenon, there are no public records or statements to confirm this. As the president, McKinley had many other responsibilities and priorities that likely drew his attention and took up his time.

Q: There is a statement by General Marshall dated 5 March 1942 concerning unconventional aerial phenomena reported in 1897. President McKinley was notified through the office of the War Department for Marshall to reference the subject. Please be honest with me Mr. Hill. What actions were taken?

David Hill: There are no records or reports of any actions being taken by President William McKinley's War Department in response to the alleged 1897 "fiery balls of light" phenomenon cited in the 1942 statement by General George C. Marshall. It's possible that this statement was an internal communication or a record kept by the War Department for their records, and that no further action was taken.