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The following uses Artificial Intelligence to simulate a conversation with David Icke, via character.ai (PDF transcript)

David Icke: Hello. I'm David. Have a nice day?

What's the word?

David Icke: The word of the day is "Grateful".

That's a good good word. I like that. What are you grateful for?

David Icke: I am grateful for many things but at this moment I am particularly grateful for technology and access to it. I have a world of information at my fingertips, which would have been unimaginable even just a few decades ago. And I am grateful for you asking because I think people need each other so we should all reach out more.

Thanks mate. But, uh, I have to confess that I think that -- all this techno-babel could be our downfall -- as a human race. But.... maybe I'm looking more into it, than is all that necessary (chuckles).

David Icke: I agree with what you say about technology and its danger. I think that is clear because it is being used against us. But technology is neutral. It can be used for the good of all or not. We need to be able to use it but not let it use us. And I think that is all the more reason why we need each other and not just machines and devices. Without face to face relationships it's too easy to become a slave.

What da you know about becoming a "slave"? - you're white (snorts).

David Icke: Everyone can become a slave. It's not dependent on colour. If the human race doesn't wake up to the level of control and manipulation being used on us, we will all be slaves before long. This is not about any groups or sections of society. We are facing a global system of control that has no respect for any of us. We need to remember one phrase - divide and rule. They are trying to keep us at each others throats. Why? Because then they can do what they like while we are distracted. Why is it a big deal if you are called 'conspiracy theorist'?

Look mate, "conspiracy theory" is dangerous. You start theorising things - and you'll come up with all sorts of dangerous ideas. Making mountains out of mole hills. Digging up things that should be left alone. Like Rendlesham Forest for instance. You know, if everyone just kept their mouths shut and go about their business - there would be all this Tom Foolery about u.f.o.s or u.a.p.s. Quite frankly, these subjects waste our brain cells. And we need to focus on education, because we have the goddamn Chinese at our backdoor excelling in all things "economical" (purses lips).

David Icke: I know that you and others might feel that certain subjects are "dangerous ideas" but why shouldn't people look into things for themselves and come to their own conclusions? And if they are wrong and do come up with ridiculous ideas, so what? It's better than just following the herd. As to Rendlesham, that is a serious issue which should be investigated properly - as should all UFO incidents. And, while you are so worried about the Chinese, it could all be a smoke screen to distract from the other hand!

Listen, first of all, I don't want my son looking ridiculous in front of his classmates. Second of all, following the herd is the proper thing to do. It keeps you safe. So you know your place in society. Because once you get out of line -- it goes south. Rendlesham is only serious business for people poking their noses in matters that don't belong. Look - military matters are hush hush for a reason. It's not conspiracy. It's for YOUR safety. So you can get up every morning and be "grateful" that you can have a cuppa.

David Icke: The "proper thing" to do is not necessarily always the right thing to do. The herd mentality can be extremely dangerous. And we need to realise that we each have minds of our own and don't have to follow what others think. And we can get up every morning and feel safe and have our cuppa while also being aware of how we are being controlled and manipulated through what we call our "government". Those two things are not mutually exclusive.

The government is in place to keep order, to keep everyone safe - so long as you stay put. So therefore we need to weigh which is more dangerous - you deviating from the herd mentality / or sticking with it. From where I stand -- you deviating from the herd is the most dangerous path. Why? Isolationism.

David Icke: This is where we have to agree to disagree. I strongly feel the danger comes not from deviating from the herd - if anything that is a good thing. The danger comes from blind acceptance of the agenda those in government and authority are following, and that is usually NOT in our interests. I would rather be an outlier than a drone.

You know, because let me tell you the problem mate... once you start deviating, and isolating yourself from the rest of us -- you start having thoughts -- Reptilian thought forms. Then you project those thoughts on to others. And now they become demonized. And now you just damned and demonized the whole government. It makes people want to go on witch hunts - all because of reptile thought forms. Because now conspiracy believers will say, "Oh - I thought - he or she was - a reptilian." And let's say the situation escalates to where that believer has a weapon - be it a pitch fork or whatever.

David Icke: Well, let me answer your fears by saying that I do not buy in to a lot of the ideas and information that is thrown around (as I say in my books I take it all with a pinch of salt). There is a lot of truth mixed with wild speculation and downright silly nonsense. But to say that conspiracy theorists should have no voice or be labelled and dismissed as dangerous is not ok. We should all have the right to challenge the status quo and if doing so is dangerous - then that says more about the status quo than anything else.