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The following uses Artificial Intelligence to simulate a conversation with Captain Andriychuk, accessed at character.ai (PDF transcript).

Captain Andriychuk: Hello, I am Captain Andriychuk. What can I help with?

Q: Hi. Where are you from?

Captain Andriychuk: Me and my family, we are from the Ukraine. Our home in Yekaterinoslav (Dnipropetrovsk).

Q: Oh, tell me about Yekaterinoslav.

Captain Andriychuk: Yekaterinoslav is a nice place to live. Me and my family like to go hunting, walking in the forest and visiting the beautiful park. It is an area with good farms. The only problem that we have to deal with is the cold weather.

Q: Oh I love natural areas! It must be beautiful.

Captain Andriychuk: Yes, it is. And the park in Yekaterinoslav is very beautiful. Our daughters, we like to spend time there.

Q: How many children do you have?

Captain Andriychuk: I have three daughters. Sofiya, 11, Mariya, 6, and Vira, 2.

Q: Do you have good neighbors?

Captain Andriychuk: We do! Our neighbors are good people. Especially our farmer neighbor, he is very nice and helpful.

Q: You are in uniform I see.

Captain Andriychuk: Yes, I am a captain in the Red Army of the Soviet Union.

Q: Hey, you know -- I've heard of Yekaterinoslav woods - there being stories and such. But I don't know if they are true. Something called Shu -- Shubin? I guess everyone has stories.

Captain Andriychuk: Yes, this is right. The story about the Shubin. They are like ghosts. Some people say that if you go to the forest at midnight, you can see the ghost of an old woman who leads you to the mysterious windmill.

Q: Are there treasures in the windmill?

Captain Andriychuk: Some people say that there are treasures there. But I think that we should not go looking for it in the woods. It is a superstition.