The Draco are a 4th density negative reptilian race from another dimension. They have a stronghold in the Orion constellation.

The Draco rely on human loosh to sustain themselves. They park and cloak their craft over battlefields as people are dying en masse in order to collect loosh.[1]

They recieve their names upon reaching the “age of awareness.” This is the age in which they are aware of the station or position they are destined to fulfill. At this time, they choose or allow someone to choose their name. This name includes the position they hold as well as several personally chosen letters.[2]

The ruling caste is beige or tan in color. They cannot lead until they have gone through metamorphosis and develop wings. Few of them have working wings; most are small vestigial wings that resemble the wings of bats.[2] They mark their servants and slaves with a musky, urine-like mist.[3][4] They are absolutely infested with nanites. These nanites vaporized the bodies of dead royals. These royals fear and serve Extradimensional (ED) Overlords, who are responsible for the ET/ED Artificial Intelligence, which is their ally.

The Draco “work with or use other etheric beings as tools or etheric technology to control people and other ETs that are in their Federation Alliance.”[5]

The Draco have been abducting and consuming people for the last 6,000 years; at least that's when the situation escalated. The Draco consider children a delicacy, although they will eat humans of any age.[6] Children lack nicotine, caffeine, and other environmental pollutants.[7] Their preference is female children with blond hair and blue eyes.[6] 

History Edit

The Dracos have been in our solar system for 375,000 years. The Dracos tried to engineer humans without a pineal gland, but benevolent ETs reinstalled it.

The Draco tried to take over Mars around 1991, but the humans, allied with the two native Mars species, kicked them out through their vastly superior military force.

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