Disclosure Wikia

The Earth Alliance is made up of many dozens of small groups. Some of them are militia groups. The vast majority of them are some Eastern secret societies and groups that have a lot of clout and access to a lot of physical treasure and information. BRICS is the face of the Earth Alliance.

“Highly placed insiders revealed to me, in private conversation, that the truly patriotic heroes in the US military dramatically intensified their efforts to defeat the Cabal after 9/11. They knew they had to do this in secret or they could all be tortured and killed. They knew it could take many years before their plans would ever be able to succeed. However, they already had developed a comprehensive blueprint to actually defeat the Cabal—despite its massive, worldwide power and control—in the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination.

After 9/11, I was told that numerous Cabal offices were secretly outfitted with audio-video surveillance equipment and that a great wealth of damning footage was gathered. This surveillance data allowed the alliance to remain one step ahead of the Cabal—and sabotage their plans whenever possible. Although their work had to remain secret, the patriotic elements of the US military quietly developed an international alliance that cut off the Cabal’s financial supply, blocked every attempt they made to start World War III, and eventually planned to expose their wrongdoings publicly once they were too weak to resist. In order to effectively choke off the Cabal’s financial lifeline, all its biggest sources of profit would need to be attacked.”[1]

“The mass-arrest plans were drawn up when General MacArthur realized that American troop positions were being compromised by the United Nations. US generals had to report their plans to the UN by law, and every time they did so, they were immediately attacked as soon as they arrived. The Alliance has been working behind the scenes ever since.”[2]


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