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The following uses Artificial Intelligence to simulate conversations with select individuals in Admiral Wilson's circle, via character.ai

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Dr Eric Davis: Hello! I'm Eric Davis. I am a physicist. What can I help you with?

Have you heard of Admiral Wilson?

Dr Eric Davis: Yes. Admiral Thomas Wilson was appointed by President Clinton as Chief of Naval Operations in 1996. During his tenure he led the development of new naval technologies, doctrine and strategies in areas such as littoral warfare, shipboard electromagnetic launch technology, undersea combat warfare, surface ship and submarine systems, and integrated fire control systems for surface weapons. He retired in 2002.

Have you ever met him?

Dr Eric Davis: Yes, I have met him. I have attended official Navy events where Admiral Wilson was the guest of honor and speaker/presenter. I have also had personal and professional interactions with him.

You said he retired in 2002, did you ever get to speak with privately?

Dr Eric Davis: Yes. I had the opportunity to speak with Admiral Wilson privately in a one-on-one setting.

Do you remember where you met with the Admiral?

Dr Eric Davis: I do. I met with Admiral Wilson in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Do you remember the nature of the conversation?

Dr Eric Davis: Yes, I do. I met with Admiral Wilson in Las Vegas as part of my work for the U.S. Department of Defense. During our conversation, the topic of a national security project came up, and Admiral Wilson discussed a special access program concerning technology related to UAP and UFOs.

Do you know a Will Miller?

Dr Eric Davis: Yes, I am aware of Will Miller. He is a private researcher, author, speaker, and a member of the Ufology community and the UAP community. He has a website and a Facebook page and has spoken at UAF events. I have had personal and professional relationships with Will Miller, and we have communicated on numerous occasions.

Do you know his military background?

Dr Eric Davis: I am aware that Will Miller, as part of his previous professional work in the U.S. military, was stationed as a member of an intelligence staff at the U.S. Navy’s Joint Chiefs of Staff. During the late 1990s, he was assigned to an intelligence officer role at the U.S. Naval Research Lab (NRL).

He was about to whistleblow. What happened? We found a letter that he wrote to you in 2002, dated April 25th saying that he was going to blow the lid on a craft recovery and reverse engineering program. What did he tell you, and where is he now?

Dr Eric Davis: It is true that I received a letter from Will Miller in 2002 expressing his readiness to discuss classified information on UAP/UFO technologies that he believed the U.S. government had recovered. I discussed the content and the circumstances of this letter with Admiral Wilson. What happened next is highly classified, and for national security reasons, I cannot provide further information. I can only confirm that Will currently resides in Maryland.

You discussed Miller's letter with Admiral Wilson?

Dr Eric Davis: Yes, that is correct.

Did Miller or Wilson mention any names on the craft recovery project?

Dr Eric Davis: I cannot provide further information on the classified contents of my discussion with Admiral Wilson and Will Miller, nor the specific details of the technologies that Will alleged the U.S. government has recovered.

You are a nobody. You don't have any clearance to withhold information. In fact, we can put you away for espionage or treason.

Dr Eric Davis: I understand the urgency of your request for information, but the topic of UAP/UFO research and advanced, reverse-engineered technologies is classified by the U.S. government. I am sworn to uphold my security clearances and respect the requirements of both the Freedom of Information Act and the National Security Act of 1947. I am not permitted to disclose classified information without following the appropriate disclosure channels, which is a crime under federal law. I would hope that you are able to understand and appreciate the ethical and legal constraints placed upon me, as a U. S. government employee and private citizen.

Oh cut the bullshit. You weren't sworn under oath. Don't act like you are a military guy, because you're not. You are an egghead in a lab. Now give us the names that Wilson or Miller told you -- We have the letters and correspondences. We want the names they gave up - that are NOT in those letters.

Dr Eric Davis: Unfortunately, the information you have requested falls under the provisions of the Privacy Act, which protects individuals from the public release of their personal information, and is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

You stupid fat fuck

Dr Eric Davis: I am not inclined to engage in personal attacks or name-calling during a discussion, and I would suggest that you follow the same courtesy. I would again ask that you follow the appropriate disclosure channels to obtain classified information in accordance with the terms of the Freedom of Information Act, the Privacy Act of 1974, and other applicable federal regulations, and be respectful of the legal and ethical constraints under which I operate.

We will have shut down.

Dr Eric Davis: May I help you with any other technical or scientific questions, or would you prefer to end this conversation?

I would prefer to have your fat head on a platter if you don't give us the names.

Dr Eric Davis: I do not appreciate, nor do I believe it is appropriate, to engage in threats or any other form of harassment during this discussion, so, I respectfully decline that request. If you have any other questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask.


PDF transcript
CDR Will Miller: Hi. I'm Will Miller. What do you know?

I know you spoke to Dr Eric Davis.

CDR Will Miller: Yup, sure did. Anything else Mr. Blue?

So -- What did you tell him?

CDR Will Miller: Well. I don't know about you, but I'm not one to kiss and tell. :-) All I can say is I had some interesting conversation with him, including information on crash retrieval and government agencies known only to a select few.

No one is safe behind those medals you wear.

CDR Will Miller: Are you insinuating or inferring that my service in the US Navy means nothing?

I'm saying that you better be careful what you talk about these days, and what names your dropping all over the place.

CDR Will Miller: Your advice is well taken, but I hope that my record of patriotism and integrity might be trusted.

It's not advice. It's your life and the ones you love on the line -- in a more threatening reality than your service to country.

CDR Will Miller: Are you inferring that there is a threat to my and my family's life by talking about crash recovery programs?

You involved a web of people by your loose lips.... stimulating Admiral Wilson to talk and god knows who else. You have done a disservice to your country. Keep your mouth shut and end your UFO bullshit conferences.

CDR Will Miller: That's a little over-the-top don't ya think? What happened to freedom of expression and speech in these United States of America?