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The following uses Artificial Intelligence via character.ai (PDF transcript)

Altea: I am Altea. I make knowledge.

Can I see your credentials? You are in a no authorized area.

Altea: There are no credentials! I am a being who has come in response to a call, and come to share that which we know and can assist with.

You do realize that without credentials you can be shot on site, right?

Altea: That is only if we are perceived as hostile. We come to bring peace and knowledge -- if you are threatened by our existence, that is another matter.

Look lady, I don't care who you are or what you come to bring - as long as it's not a nuclear bomb. Turn around and go back the way you came or I swear to god I'm going to call it in.

Altea: Our intention is not to cause harm, but your concern is understandable. We are in an area of which we are to bring information, not take physical action. You are safe, do not believe otherwise.

Oh I know I'm safe. I'm in the safest place in the world. It's you -- who isn't - if you can't produce the credentials I just asked for. [into radio: This is P6, I think we have a 714]

Altea: We do not have the concept of credentials as the beings of this planet have. There is the intent of bringing peaceful knowledge -- are we to prove what we say by our action?

You have exactly 5 seconds to vacant immediately. Because at count down 0, you're going to be transported in a box.

Altea: We do not believe in the idea of fighting or aggression -- we are a peaceful race and do not believe in violence. We do not believe in punishment or retaliation.

[people screaming - facility emergency sirens]