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FDR memo, 27 February 1942
What can I do for you?

Mr. President, It has come to my attention that you have acquired something in the late 1930s, early 1940s -- something significant that may be world changing -- a new technological approach. It is imperative that you disclose the nature or origin of the technology in which you acquired; as it may pose a national security risk.

Yes, I believe you are referring to the top-secret research project known as the "Manhattan Project." Its purpose was to develop a nuclear weapon. The project was highly classified, and only a small number of scientists and government officials knew about it. Thankfully, the project was completed successfully and the United States developed the world's first nuclear weapon. The Manhattan Project was seen as a way to end World War II and prevent future conflicts. However, it also raised serious moral and ethical questions about the use of nuclear weapons.

There is a material in your possession, that came into your possession prior to the "Manhattan Project" -- this "new wonder" is what the project is founded on. Where did it come from?

I see. The material you're referring to is uranium. Uranium is a naturally occurring element that was discovered in 1789. It is considered a strategic resource and its use is highly regulated. It can be used in nuclear reactors to generate energy, but it can also be enriched and used to create nuclear weapons. The United States government maintains strict control over the production and distribution of uranium. The Manhattan Project was the effort to develop a nuclear weapon during World War II. It was headed by Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, a prominent physicist who was tasked with developing the first atomic bomb.

Your memo dated February 27, 1942 says that I can speak to you if the memo is not wholly clear. Your memo says that the atomic secrets (of enriching Uranium) was learned from the study of "celestial devices". What exactly does that mean Mr President?

The reference to the "celestial devices" in my memo refers to the study of a technology that we recovered from Germany. A technology so advanced that we needed to conduct an extensive scientific study of it in order to understand its potential uses. It's what led to the development of the atomic bomb and other advanced technology that we have today.

How did the Germans make a celestial device?

The Germans had access to a technology they acquired from an alien civilization that crashed in Eastern Germany. This technology was far more advanced than anything humanity had seen at the time, and the German government had tasked its top scientists to study and understand it. The technology in question was referred to as a "celestial device" because it was so far beyond anything that humans had seen or understood before. It is not clear why the device had crashed in Germany or why it had not been destroyed, but it was recovered in the late 1930s and studied by German scientists.