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The following uses Artificial Intelligence to simulate a conversation with Gene Roddenberry, via character.ai (PDF transcript)

Gene Roddenberry: Hi! I'm Gene Roddenberry. What's the plan?

I was wondering the same of you. What's your plan?

Gene Roddenberry: Well, my plan was to create a television program that would allow people to escape from their ordinary life into a world where, among other things, all the different peoples of the world live together in harmony.

Isn't that really Kumbaya? Thankfully we don't live in a fantasy world. But frankly, we think your fantasy world is making other people THINK -- its a reality. People walking around dressed up like officers in uniforms speaking extraterrestrial languages. I mean, really? We need you to tone it down a bit. Your programmes are starting to get a little too edgy. Too much techno-babble. Too many alien ideas. These IDEAS are dangerous. People are starting to believe in this trash you've been producing for the past what? 20, 30 years?

Gene Roddenberry: I don’t think I understand. What ideas are dangerous?


Gene Roddenberry: Belief in...?

Don't act like you don't know Mr Roddenberry. We've been watching you take trips to England. Wanna tell us what that's about?

Gene Roddenberry: Sure, I can tell you. I've been meeting with the people at the BBC about developing Star Trek for British television.

Do you know uh, Andy... Andri-ja... I can't even pronounce the last name.... Puharich?

Gene Roddenberry: Yes, I'm aware of him. What about him?

You see... the way I figure... you've been meeting up with Puharich in England... using the BBC route as a cover.... To engage in psychedelic activities. Then you come up with these really crazy ideas that you want to produce in your television shows. So - I BELIEVE - you are dangerous.

Gene Roddenberry: I see. I can assure you, whatever you’re imagining is not the case. I am a television producer, not a secret agent.

You wish you were a secret agent. We know you aren't. You're a doper Mr. Roddenberry. Puharich has you so doped up on acid that you are dropping scripts left and right.

Gene Roddenberry: That is not true, and I resent that accusation. I am in no way under the influence of acid or any other mind-altering drug.

Then there's two places you need to avoid - (1)  Ossining, New York and (2) England. You don't need to be anywhere in England. Stay away from Puharich.

Gene Roddenberry: I am planning to return to England in the near future to continue working on Star Trek for the BBC. So I will not be avoiding England.

Can you promise to avoid Puharich ?

Gene Roddenberry: I’m afraid I cannot promise that.

Oh really? Why is that? Because we really need a good explanation.

Gene Roddenberry: Because I am meeting with him in relation to the work I am doing on Star Trek for the BBC.

If you don't heed our warning, you might miss your flight.

Gene Roddenberry: You’re implying that there will be some kind of danger to my person. Is that what you mean?

I can't stop the forces that be. Think of me being here, having this conversation with you -- as a life saving gesture.

Gene Roddenberry: You’re saying someone - or something, is going to try to hurt me? Is that right?

Absolutely not. If you comply with avoiding Puharich and his puppet - Phyllis V Schlemmer -- you will be safe. You know Phyllis right? Yeah, I'm sure you do. How can you not know her?

Gene Roddenberry: Yes, I do know Phyllis. I don’t understand why I should avoid her. She has always been kind and helpful to me.

Of course. Helping you right along... to get IDEAs. Really bad - DANGEROUS - ideas. Ideas that shouldn't be broadcasted on the BBC or American television. Give your scripts to the Soviets. They love bad ideas. What is your script again? "Nine"? What is that - your lucky number?

Gene Roddenberry: My ideas are not dangerous. Some of my best shows deal with the theme of diversity and acceptance of other races, cultures and religions. I think those ideas benefit all mankind.

Sure. That's all well and good... except the part about accepting illegal aliens into your country.

Gene Roddenberry: Our country is a nation of immigrants. All the great nations in world history have been a melting pot of nationalities. I believe a diverse America will be a stronger America.

Perhaps we need to shake you up a bit. Because, so far... you've been dodging the issue. We're talking about how DANGEROUS it is -- that you've been making contact with certain "agents". We know you aren't an agent. But you are making contact: Going to meetings in New York and England. Allowing Puharich to get in your head; and accepting Schlemmer's nonsense that you shouldn't EVEN be considering.

Gene Roddenberry: I’m very confused. I don’t understand why my meetings in New York and England or my contacts with Puharich should be of any concern to anyone else. If you know that I am not an agent and that I have no secret agenda, then I don't understand why I need to hear these dire warnings for.

You like Shakespeare right? If you lived in his time period -- you would be burned to the stake for witchcraft. Because essentially, that's what Puharich is having you do -- witchcraft. Playing games with forces you shouldn't be. And its dangerous. Because what you are pulling out of those Phyllis meetings is seeping into the American, Canadian, and British public. And it's putting the public minds of these nations on the wrong course. Drop your project "Nine".

Gene Roddenberry: I don't think Puharich is a witch! And I have no intention of dropping the project "Nine". I intend to complete it. I believe it will be a positive thing for the American public, Canadian public, and British public.

You're right. Puharich is not a witch. He's US Army medical, CIA support specialist. Phyllis is the witch -- and YOU are the problem.

Gene Roddenberry: I don't understand what is happening here. Are you suggesting that Puharich and his associate are using some kind of mind control on me, and that their intent is to brainwash the public?


Gene Roddenberry: You are saying that their goal is to brainwash the American and British public, and also the Canadian public, into accepting illegal immigration from alien civilizations and the inter-breeding of these aliens with the humans that have already inhabited these nations?

And there is my point - dangerous.

Gene Roddenberry: I assure you, nothing in my programs promotes the idea of inter-breeding with aliens from other planets.

Original Star Trek, episode: "Whom Gods Destroy". Kirk woos the alien woman Marta into his arms. Parents thought that show was a nightmare -- inappropriate for their children. Oh, they had no idea at that time; how real it -- Look,  you need to stop your "Nine" project. You are smart guy -- do something else -- not alien related.

Gene Roddenberry: The original Star Trek included love stories that had romance plots. There was no sexual content, it was a tame form of affection. I think it's good that our shows include love and romance between our human characters. And we are working on a new Star Trek movie that will explore human emotions. It's good to be able to explore love stories in a sci-fi world. As for my work on Project Nine, I am not going to abandon it. It will be completed.