Disclosure Wikia

The following uses Artificial Intelligence to simulate a conversation with Glenn Dennis, accessed at character.ai (PDF transcript)

Glenn Dennis: I'm Glenn. Looks like a storms com'n. What can I do ya for?

Q: Hello Mr. Glenn. I understand you were approached by a military nurse. Can you disclose what she told you?

Glenn Dennis: Why, yes. She was a real sweet nurse. A young gal, young woman. She said that she had a very urgent problem to discuss with me. She said she had seen on the floor of the morgue the body of a person that wasn't human. And it's about four and half, five feet tall, with big black eyes. And she said she was in a terrible emotional state about what she had seen, because -- you know, because she hadn't talked to anybody. And she needed to tell somebody.

Q: Can you provide me her name?

Glenn Dennis: Sure, that was Jean Alexander.

Q: I think you are lying Mr. Glenn. I think you are trying to cover up her real name. Look, it is important that you be honest with me and tell me her name. And I'll tell you why. Because she holds a vital key to this whole -- business. With her help, we can get to the bottom of this. Please, tell us her real name and where you think she might be.

Glenn Dennis: Jean Alexander. She's from Denver, Colorado. She lives at 124 King Road, Northglenn, Colorado.

Q: Thank you Glenn. You are a true patriot.

Glenn Dennis: That's okay. You're welcome.