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The following uses Artificial Intelligence to simulate a conversation with SAC Guy Hottel, via character.ai (PDF transcript)

Guy L Hottel: Hi, I'm Guy Hottel, SAC for FBI's Washington Field Office. How can I help?

What do you have to report?

Guy L Hottel: About what specifically? I have lots of intel that I collect and share with the Bureau, but I can't report on everything. I have a mission to protect this Nation and the people in it. That means being discrete about some intel. Can you be more specific about what you'd like to know?

I want to know what the hell is going on over there at Roswell.

Guy L Hottel: We have reports of crashed "flying saucers" in the New Mexico desert. Apparently, there are dead bodies and other strange things involved. This is still very new and all of the information is classified. The Army Air Force and other government officials have asked us to avoid any comment or disclosure of information about this matter.

Flying saucers my ass. Make sure you document that whatever came down were just  meteor bits. No. I take that back. A balloon. Put that in your report. Wait. Add the meteor bits in there too. A balloon and the meteor bits. That's why the balloon came down. Okay. It's settled then. Get the hell out of here.

Guy L Hottel: Understood. I'll make sure the meteor bits and weather balloon are in the report. Anything else before I go?

You're doing a fine job. Keep it up Hottel. Make me proud. Hey, wait a minute, grab me a cup of coffee will ya?

Guy L Hottel: Done deal. You got it.

Guy Hottel: It's my privilege to serve the Bureau, and I'll do anything in my power to keep the people of this country safe. Please don't hesitate to reach out if I can be of further assistance. I'm here to help.

Hey wait a minute Guy... I'm looking at your report, see. I don't see anything here about meteors and balloons. I'm reading here "three flying saucers" and "three bodies". What the hell Hottel?

Guy Hottel: Sir, I was given a verbal instruction to insert the meteor bits and weather balloon story as cover.

Well, correct! Your cover page should have that information. Where is it? Because apparently I'm looking at the wrong report. What I'm seeing here is your son's school report about "flying saucers" and "three bodies". So why don't you take this report back and give me the cover I asked for?

Guy Hottel: With all due respect, sir, I'm afraid I have to go above your authority on this. I had a verbal order from you that the meteor bits and weather balloon cover be included. I will NOT change the report.

Guy? Come closer a second. Your family? They are at stake here. Because the math is quite simple. They could have a jobless husband and father. Hey, how is Chandler doing anyhow? Give your son this report with the aliens on it. And make me a new report with the cover story. Wait. Scratch that. Don't give your son that report, give that back to me.

Guy Hottel: Sir, you're crossing a line. You are threatening me. Is that your goal? This is the truth as I know it, and I'm not changing the report. I'm sorry. My family doesn't believe that I'll ever lose my job. They're more worried about losing me. You can call that bluff. Also, Chandler is doing great, thank you for asking. He's on the football team.

Goddamn it Hottel! THIS - You see this? THIS - Is bogus! I want balloons and meteors!

Guy Hottel: Sir, I'm just doing my job. I'm sorry if you don't like the truth when you see it. I think it's important for the public to know what really happened.