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The Intergalactic League of Nations was created to placate Earth-bound nations and maintain secrecy for the burgeoning space programs. All of the European countries, some of the African countries, India, and lots of Latino countries are involved. Estonia, the Ukraine and Greece are involved. They believe that they are aiding in our continuity of species by developing technologies and methods to defend us from an extraterrestrial invasion.

The IGLN was formed as a type of 'carrot' for the UN nations, to keep them quiet and to make them feel involved in protecting the planet. They were told that there were all these different threats to the planet, and that they could be involved in the solution. The ICC provided them with bases and technology, but these were entirely outside of the solar system. The larger nations, the US, USSR, etc, made an agreement with smaller nations to allow their teams to retrieve crashed UFOs on their soil. This would have made the governments very curious and as a result a program was offered, ready made with a compartmentalized story, to keep the curiosity to a minimum.

The Intergalactic League of Nations is a cover to hide the ICC and Solar Warden programs. Those nations who agreed to participate had to maintain utmost secrecy and operate completely out of the solar system. They were told and believed that the program was an effort to maintain the continuity of the human race by way of gathering advanced technology and experience needed to defend against extraterrestrial threats. Most nations agreed to the proposal. They were told no extraterrestrials civilizations exist in modern times, only ancient ruins. Furthermore, they were told that any unidentified spacecraft encountered were actually future humans.

“On Sept 1, 1987, President Reagan gave a famous speech to the United Nations General Assembly where he warned of an alien threat and how important it was for humanity to bond together to face it.” “Reagan’s comment had the immediate effect of galvanizing the United Nations into forming a secret space program called the” Intergalactic League of Nations.[1]

For security reasons, they were given a mandate to operate entirely outside of the solar system. One of their R&D outposts is in the Pleiades. It is on a super-Earth which orbits a gas giant. Most of the moon base personnel were scientists and engineers, who were working on advanced technologies that had been supplied to them by the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate. They were developing these technologies for defending the Earth from a possible alien invasion.

The personnel wear jumpsuits very similar to the ones featured in Stargate Atlantis. They wear nation flag patches on their left shoulder and program patches on their right shoulder.