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The Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) is a conglomerate of corporations from all over the world that build aerospace technologies.

that is basically all of the corporations that have come together, pooled their resources, and created a vast infrastructure in our solar system. These corporations are primarily military defense contractors.[1]

Following the German breakaway sorties of 1952, President Eisenhower signed a treaty with the German breakaway civilization in 1955 under their terms. This included the merging of the American military-industrial complex with the German military-industrial complex. This is the origin of the ICC.

Under Operation (?) Foothold, the ICC nuked millions of insectoids living inside of coveted lava tubes. The Brain Drain began shortly after. Engineers followed by other personnel were transferred to the new human colonies from Earth.

The ICC has also established bases on other planets within the local cluster for which the Draco gave them mining rights. One is in Aldebaran, and one is in the Pleiades.

The ICC has over 100 colonies, bases, and industrial facilities/plants on the Moon, Main Asteroid Belt, Mars and several other moons and bodies in our solar system. There are also many free-floating space stations that have personnel manning them and are fully operational with space vessels docking with them on a regular basis.[2]

The ICC has ongoing trade agreements with almost 900 civilizations and does occasional trade with far more than that.[3]

The massive ICC mining, industrial complex infrastructure of bases (That mine, smelt, engineer and construct many types of technologies for the other SSPs and for off-world allies, as well as their very large Colony and Exchange Systems both Human and “Non-Humans”.