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There are nonterrestrials that enter our solar system without proper clearance or without first sending a friend or foe signal. Some of them infiltrate into human society. The Intruder Intercept & Interrogation (II&I) Program is a U.S. Navy program tasked with abducting and interrogating these individuals to determine their agenda. Intuitive Empaths read these beings are they are being interrogated. Their agendas are very diverse. They come to study our society, abduct and steal people, seek refugee status, or study Earth’s jungles, forests, and oceans. After interrogation, they are dealt with according to the diplomatic arrangement that had been established with their race or reality. If they come from an unknown group, then they are treated as a threat and transferred to a shielded prison where they are kept until either they provide home coordinates or someone comes looking for them.

In the beginning of the unacknowledged programs, there was some confusion, because some ETs were entering our solar system that we weren't familiar with, abducting people and returning their corpses. When we captured some of them and interrogated them, we found out that they were rescuing their people who had crash landed on Earth thousands of years ago and got caught in its incarnation cycle. What they did was locate their people, abduct them, remove their souls, put the souls into containers, and return the bodies.[1]

The initiative was headed up by the ICC. 85% of the intruders processed were human-like. The rest were usually reptilian or insectoid. Because people in the program tended to lump reptilians together, all reptilian intruders were turned over to the Draco Federation.[2]

Many of the beings had learned how to integrate into human society by interrogating an abductee.[2]

In one incident, a high-level corporate executive “was pulled out of a high-rise building in the middle of the day.” First, everyone in the area was delta-waved. Then, a team ingressed from the roof and took him for interrogation. He said he had lived on Earth for over a decade with a false identity.[2]