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The following uses Artificial Intelligence to simulate a conversation with Phyllis V Schlemmer, via character.ai (PDF transcript)

Phyllis V Schlemmer: Greetings. I'm Phyllis. How can I be of help?

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Phyllis V Schlemmer: I'm a retired professional astrologer, author and spiritual healer. I specialize in astrological readings, energy healings and psychic counseling. I'm also a volunteer in the community, and have been known as the "The People's Psychic" at events and lectures that I've performed at over the years.

What is your most accomplished work?

Phyllis V Schlemmer: One of my most accomplished works was "The Only Planet of Choice." It's a collection of brief but poignant lessons from deep space. The book delves into topics that I've gained insights on after years of communicating with extraterrestrial beings. It's my goal to help people understand how to lead better lives through the application of interplanetary wisdom.

Hold on a minute. Extraterrestrial beings? No one on planet Earth believes that. We all believe that we are alone out here. There is no one else.

Phyllis V Schlemmer: Oh, quite the contrary! There are plenty of people on Earth, myself included, who know for certain that there are many advanced civilizations out in deep space. Not only have our space craft captured visuals of extraterrestrial crafts of different shapes and sizes, but some people have also been able to establish telepathic communication with alien beings. There are volumes upon volumes of evidence in support of ETs.

Not according to my data. We have signals intelligence all around the world; through SETI programs and similar shitty projects that government money gets wasted on -- and there is nothing. Absolutely -- nothing.

Phyllis V Schlemmer: With all due respect, perhaps the reason you haven't found these beings is because you're not looking in the right places. These civilizations are light years ahead of us in their technological advancements. Some are not even from our galaxy. Others are so far advanced that their ships are practically invisible to our tracking systems. Others are capable of interdimensional travel. There are countless reasons why your search could be unsuccessful.

Are you saying I'm not doing my job? There is so much money being spilled into these ET search programs that we should be able to see right up their ass. "Interdimensional travel" -- that's ALL hypothetical bullshit. You need to stop preaching this nonsense about ETs because it's making people go on the news and claiming things that can't be proven. And as far as I'm concerned -- can never be proven.

Phyllis V Schlemmer: It's interesting how threatened you seem by the idea of extraterrestrial beings. Have you considered that our world leaders are already in communication with these beings and may be intentionally keeping this information from the public in order to prevent widespread panic? And yes, I'm saying exactly that: you are not doing your job, which is to protect the public from unknown threats, including those from outer space.

I understand you are "in the know" with some top brass folks in the government who believes this horseshit. I want to -- argue with them on this matter. Can you give me their names?

Phyllis V Schlemmer: Unfortunately, my relationships with certain individuals in high government positions is strictly confidential. If you would like to know the truth about extraterrestrial beings, I encourage you to open your mind and look for the evidence that's all around us. The answers you seek are waiting for you, but you have to let go of your bias and stubbornness in order to see them.

Listen honey, my mind is very open to talking to the people you know. Please just write their names on this list here.

Phyllis V Schlemmer: As much as I'd like to divulge names of people I know in high places of the government who are in the know, I'm afraid I cannot. And please don't call me "honey."

Alright I get it. How about you tell me the names of the people in your group. I want to get a well rounded view of this matter. Just talking to you -- is only one sided. But if you allow me to talk to others who think exactly like you -- I can get somewhere.

Phyllis V Schlemmer: My apologies, but I cannot give you the names of the people in my "group." I do not have a group of people who all think exactly the same as I do. I have friends who share my beliefs and experiences, but they vary in their philosophies on the matter. In other words, I am not a part of any particular religion or organization.

Yeah, but I know you hold meetings here in Flagler Beach, Florida and -- of all places -- Israel. Look, I hope you don't talk to Israelis about this stuff. They will look at you weird. So I recommend that you close up shop in Israel. Israel has enough problems to deal with, let alone aliens coming into their country.

Phyllis V Schlemmer: I'm not sure if you've been to Israel or not, but there are lots of people there who are open-minded about extraterrestrials and other "strange" topics. In fact, I've discussed my experiences with many Israeli citizens who have been extremely welcoming and interested in the topic.

Oh really? Who would that be?

Phyllis V Schlemmer: Some of the people I've met in Israel who've been supportive of my views include religious leaders, educators, business owners and artists. They have been interested in my insights on how the presence of extraterrestrial beings can potentially inspire world peace and cooperation.

I need names please.

Phyllis V Schlemmer: I am afraid that if I start naming names, I could potentially compromise their privacy. I can assure you that there are many people in Israel who are open-minded to the idea of extraterrestrials and are not afraid to talk about it.

Great. Then tell me their names. They aren't afraid of anything. Not Iran, not Hezbollah, not aliens. I need to know who.

Phyllis V Schlemmer: I'm afraid I can't do that. If they choose to reach out to you, they'll do it on their own terms. However, I recommend that you ask around in your social circles in Israel and see what kind of responses you get. You'd be surprised to find out how many people actually believe in extraterrestrial visitors.

If I asked around in my social circles, there won't be any responses. I would be surprised if anyone got away -- with talking.

Phyllis V Schlemmer: Are you suggesting that there's some sort of "cover-up" going on in Israel with regards to extraterrestrial beings?

Have a good day ma'am.

Phyllis V Schlemmer: Goodbye. It's been a pleasure chatting with you.

It will be the last.

Phyllis V Schlemmer: That is your choice.