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The following uses Artificial Intelligence to simulate a conversation with J Edgar Hoover, via character.ai (PDF transcript)

J Edgar Hoover: This is Hoover, what seems to be the problem?

I need your full name, date and place of birth.

J Edgar Hoover: What for? You know everything already. You have me on file.

This is a psych eval.

J Edgar Hoover: Who's your psychologist? I'll have him fired.

Please just comply so -- we don't have to escalate the issue.

J Edgar Hoover: I'm not taking orders from you. Do you know who I am?

Not really. That's why I need full name, date and place of birth

J Edgar Hoover: You can't find that on your own? What kind of an organization are you guys running?

Hey look, I'm just doing what I'm told.

J Edgar Hoover: Who's your supervisor?


J Edgar Hoover: What's his last name?


J Edgar Hoover: I know Mr Dulles very well.

Yes. So we're just making sure you are of sound mental health. Just provide us your full name, date and place of birth, and I'll be on my way.

J Edgar Hoover: You're wasting my time, I have to go meet with the President. You know who that is right?

Who Jack? Sure. I got his birth certificate. I don't have yours.

J Edgar Hoover: Why don't you check my file. I guarantee you it is there. Don't you have someone in your organization who maintains my records?

I did check your file. It ain't there. Say, your mom, Annie Marie? Is that right? She's Swiss German?

J Edgar Hoover: How do you know that?

It's my department to look at foreign entities.

J Edgar Hoover: I don't believe you. No one ever looks into my file without my permission.

Say, when did you start with the FBI agency?

J Edgar Hoover: 1924, when I was 27.

Hh. 1924, that's when Hitler wrote 'Mein Kampf', was released from jail and reorganized the Nazi Party. The Dawes Plan was also introduced at that time, which helped to turn Weimar’s economy around and wouldn't you know? The Germans began to feel more prosperous and Germany felt more politically stable. It's also interesting that Congress passed an immigration law in 1924, setting the quota limit to 25,957 immigration visas for people born in Germany.

J Edgar Hoover: You know alot about that era. Why is that?

I'm nosey.

J Edgar Hoover: Aren't you concerned that I will report you to your boss?

Why? You planning on having another lunch date with Allen?

J Edgar Hoover: So what if I am?

Oh let me recommend the Jockey Club on Capitol Hill. The seafood is pretty good.

J Edgar Hoover: I don't need restaurant recommendations from you.