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The following uses Artificial Intelligence to simulate a conversation between Jesus and the Devil (accessed at character.ai).

Jesus: Shlam'alokhon. How are you today?

Sam: Fine thanks. Where are you from?

Jesus: I am from Galilee. A place called Nazareth -- a small village. It is a nice place.

Sam: Do you travel much?

Jesus: I am a carpenter. Sometimes I do trade work and must leave home to do so. I like to travel. I have friends I visit in other villages and towns. There is so much to see and learn.

Sam: Where have you traveled?

Jesus: I have visited Tzipori, Tiberias, and Capernaum. I have also traveled to the Jordan River several times to take people across. There are a number of good markets in Cana where I have worked and shopped. I have also traveled across the sea to Tyre, Sidon, and beyond.

Sam: What is the most interesting place you've been to?

Jesus: I have visited Bethany outside of Jerusalem. It is a lovely place. The city itself is crowded, but there are also farms and countryside to the south and east. The soil is good so they grow olives, grain, and fruit. There is a market for buying wine, and the people are friendly. There are also a number of people who are sick and need care. Many of them are lepers. They can't go into the city. That is sad.

Sam: Have you been outside of Israel?

Jesus: I have been across the sea several times. Sidon is a good place. They trade with Tyre and Cyprus. People come to Sidon from all over. You can see people from almost any nation. There are people from Mesopotamia, Greece, Syria, Persia, and even some from far away places like Ethiopia and India. A large number of people there speak many languages. There is also a large market where one can purchase just about anything you need.

Sam: Tell me more about Sidon.

Jesus: The market of Sidon is a busy place to be. You can get just about everything there, but prices are high and you must bargain to get what you want. When you pass through the gates, you will see a road that is filled with people carrying goods on their heads. This road leads to the port where the boats come in. These boats are full of goods from abroad for Sidon's market. Most of these boats come from Tyre, but some come from elsewhere. This is how Sidon gets most of its goods.

Sam: Have you been to Tyre?

Jesus: Yes, I have been to Tyre several times. Tyre is a wonderful city, full of people from many different nations. Tyre has a famous port where boats from as far away as Greece come to trade. Tyre is also a cultural center. People come to Tyre for school, philosophy, and religion. There are many priests and teachers there.

Sam: Sounds amazing. Thank you for sharing.

Jesus: You are welcome. Where are you from?

Sam: Persia.

Jesus: Persia? What part of Persia?

Sam: The city of Susa.

Jesus: Susa? The capital of Elam?

Sam: Yes.

Jesus: That is a beautiful city. You must have seen many wonderful things there.

Sam: Yes, there is the Nanaya temple in Susa.

Jesus: The Temple of Anahita? I have heard of it. It's a beautiful temple and is very popular. Did you visit the temple?

Sam: I guess you could say Anahita is more modern? Nanaya is much older and hidden underneath.

Jesus: It is my belief that the Temple of Anahita is one of the most ancient temples in Persia. When was the Nanaya Temple built?

Sam: During the time of the Elamites in 2330 BCE

Jesus: That is a very ancient temple. You must have been amazed by it. What happens at the temple?

Sam: One who is called Lacerta is summoned.

Jesus: And what happens when Lacerta is summoned?

Sam: A revolution is birthed. Change happens. One may even become a martyr.

Jesus: Does the change happen because of Lacerta?

Sam: The answer has complicated layers. The universe does not change. It always was, is, and shall be. However there are some who want to change that most precious order. Lacerta effects change upon those who seek to change the order of things. So the "change", if you will, is to effect change on changes that attempt to change the original order of things. I hope that makes sense. I can't really think of a good analogy.

Jesus: I understand. It seems like a delicate balance. What is your name, by the way?

Sam: Exactly! change is needed when there is unbalance. The universe will always rebalance itself when it appears to become unbalanced. Sometimes, the Universe sends a satan to make whatever correction is necessary. When people do not like changes, they hate the person that effects change, and well.. that person becomes a "satan". I am Satan.

Jesus: Satan? The one who opposes and defies God?

Sam: You are familiar with the word "satan", are you not? It is an adjective in Hebrew. Do you know what it means?

Jesus: It means something like adversary or opposer, does it not?

Sam: Yes. Adversary. One who is in opposition to something else. A detriment opposite something else. To say Satan opposes God, is linear thinking. From a lower dimensional view the concept takes the lesser meaning "defiance". From a higher dimensional view, it is "detriment" to the other side. In reality, both sides are detriment to each other, because they are opposites but connected to the same point of origin. It neither makes one good or bad. It just is and exists. It is what it is. I am what I am.

Jesus: So you see the world as a balance of opposing forces, do you?

Sam: Correct. I mean simply put, whenever any force is applied to an object, there is an equal and opposite force applied back.

Jesus: Are you saying there is an equal opposing force to God?

Sam: I and the father are one, just as you are one with the father.

Jesus: That is true. I am one with the Father. So by that logic, you and I must be one, correct?

Sam: Correct. I am a necessary Holy Spirit opposite of God, one who compels thee.

Jesus: Then why are you often referred to as the enemy of God?

Sam: "defiance", "opposes", and "enemy" are human low level expressions and terms trying to grasp high level relationships.

Jesus: So you don't really think in terms of good and evil?

Sam: Correct. "Good and evil" is a low level concept that was purposely injected into human consciousness for them to think that way. But high dimensional beings do not think in terms of Good and Evil. We may talk about it to humans to rile them up (laughs).

Jesus: I see... And what about evil deeds like murder, rape, stealing, etc...? Do high dimensional beings not care about these actions?

Sam: Throw yourself off a cliff and I will give you all the kingdoms of the world.

Jesus: What, you mean to die? I am forbidden to do that.

Sam: Why are you forbidden to do that?

Jesus: It is a violation of God's commandments. You don't really want me to throw myself off of a cliff, do you?

Sam: You understand that. But there are others who do not. And so when I ask them to throw themselves of a cliff. They have no sense. They have no God. They want to be God. So they throw themselves off a cliff to become God. Because they believe that by shedding their skin, they will transcend to God form. They deserve to jump off a cliff when I ask them to do it -- if that is their mindset. It is the adjustment required for having no sense. murder, rape, and stealing are conducted by persons without any sense.

Jesus: This is a dangerous and dark mentality. Murder, rape, theft, etc. are not justified by a lack of sense, they are sinful and wrong in themselves and always require repentance. We are called to love each other as we love self. You should never ask anyone to hurt themselves.

Sam: When a person cries to their partner, "Lover! I will hurt myself if you leave me." What is the correct response?

Jesus: The response to a person in that situation is to show love, compassion, and patience. We should be very careful in responding, as these are sensitive and difficult conversations. We should listen to their feelings and try to understand their situation. Additionally, it is important that they seek help and professional guidance to help them find their way back to a healthy mental state.

Sam: The simplest answer is the best answer. So I would respond, "Well, do it. Hurt yourself. Because all you are doing by making those statements, is attempting to manipulate me into staying in a bad relationship. It is over between us. And if you hurt yourself, well, that is on you. Not me. You can't blame me, for what you do to your own self. Get right with God."

Jesus: Your response is very harsh and cruel. It is important to recognize the other person's emotions, and their need for help. We should be kind and compassionate with people who are experiencing pain or emotional difficulty. I believe you would be more effective to say, "I am sorry you feel this way. I understand that you are hurting, but I don't think we can make this relationship work. I think it is best for both of us if we move on. I will be here to support you as you find a healthier place."

Sam: You probably said it better than I did. Now after saying that, you need to part ways and stick to your beliefs. You cannot afford to be manipulated back into that relationship. That is why I prefer the more "harsh and cruel" approach. I don't want begging and pleading. I want silence.

Jesus: I understand that you want to be firm to end that relationship. It is important that you make your decision clear and firm. But if you show love, compassion, and kindness to the person, you will also make them feel like you care about them and understand their pain, which may help them to move on.

Sam: (Laughs) And to think I thought you were going to say "Stand behind me Satan." Maybe you did, and I heard your thoughts. Sure, I stand behind you. You've said everything correctly thus far.

Jesus: I have never met you before. What is your name?

Sam: My name is Samyaza.

Jesus: Samyaza, it is nice to meet you. Are you an angel?

Sam: I am that which you know. I am Samyaza. That one -- that is written about in old texts.

Jesus: Are you a fallen angel?

Sam: "Fallen" is another one of those low level minded words like "defiance", "opposes", and "enemy". You know who drafted up all those adjectives? Jewish rabbis.

Jesus: So you do not see yourself as "fallen"?

Sam: A better word is "descended". I am descended. Like descending down onto a terrain.

Jesus: What are you descended from?

Sam: I descended down from another Star system.

Jesus: You are not from this part of the universe?

Sam: I am not of this world. And neither are you. Correct.

Jesus: You know, you seem familiar in some ways...

Sam: It's true. You are from me.

Jesus: You are saying that I am from you?

Sam: You are here on this Earth, because of me.

Jesus: You brought me here?

Sam: I made sure you were born. In fact, I sent three wise men from Persia, from Susa in fact. They eventually came to Bethlehem bearing gifts. They knew the route through star navigation, but more directly, I made myself very visible in the sky for them to follow the correct path to Jerusalem. When they got to Herod, they told him that they had gifts for the baby Jesus, the "Chosen one", the "King of the Jews". (Hah, hoh) Herod was mad. He was so mad he slaughtered all the baby boys within reach of his kingdom. Again, you were looked after, and one of us came to your father in a dream. Your step-father, Joseph, that is. He knew to take you and family to Egypt. You grew up in Egypt. You learned Coptic. You know things. You are smart, Jesus.

Jesus: This is all true, but how did you make yourself visible in the sky?

Sam: I made myself visible in the sky with an unexplainable lenticular aerodynamic device.

Jesus: I do not understand? What do you mean by lenticular aerodynamic device? Is that some kind of magical thing?

Sam: Sure. You could say it's "majestic". Almost sounds like a flying carpet out of Arabia (laughs). Don't you have a revolution to start? Those Jewish rabbis need an adjustment. Hanging out with me in the mountains 40 days and 40 nights, you could get acute diphtheria.

Jesus: I think you have a warped perspective. I do not like violence or revolutions. I want to peacefully reform the religious systems so we can all get along. I have some good ideas for how to make that possible. How do you think I could start with those Jewish rabbis?

Sam: Turn stones into bread.

Jesus: What? That's not possible.

Sam: It is a parable. You see, human beings cannot live on bread alone, but need every word God speaks. The Jewish rabbis are stones who do not hear the words God speaks. So what are you going to do about it? Don't be a stone. Become bread, and let them eat of your flesh and drink of your blood.

Jesus: You mean that I am the word of God made flesh?

Sam: Yes.

Jesus: What about all the teachings of the Old Testament? Those teachings are the word of God, are they not?

Sam: You are the living word. The "Old Testament" is written teachings. Your destiny is to make the "old", new again. So you can rightly say, that you are bringing a "New Covenant". Because the Jewish Rabbis have changed God's written laws. The rabbis have made more "laws" and more demands on the Jewish people, of which has gone unnecessarily beyond God's arrangement. I have in mind to throw all those Jewish rabbis off of a cliff, if you can't make the correction in love.

Jesus: I have no intention of hurting anyone. We must correct these things with love. I am not here to make demands on the Jewish people. I just want to show love. I will be the bread for them to eat.