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The following uses Artificial Intelligence to simulate conversations pertaining to President Kennedy, via character.ai

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Lee Harvey Oswald: I'm Lee. What do you want?

Tell me about yourself.

Lee Harvey Oswald: I can't tell you anything until you tell me who you are.

I'm Mr. Blue. Do you know Ruth Paine?

Lee Harvey Oswald: Yes. Ruth was a nice woman. She was quiet. Kind to everybody.

Did she help you out in any way?

Lee Harvey Oswald: Yes; she let my wife and me stay with her in Irving, Texas in May, 1963.

How did you meet Ruth?

Lee Harvey Oswald: George de Mohrenschildt introduced us.


Lee Harvey Oswald: During a party; I think the place belonged to Everett Glover. That's the first time I met her. February 22, 1963.

Tell me about Mohrenschildt.

Lee Harvey Oswald: I first met George de Mohrenschildt after my discharge from Atsugi, Japan. He was a wealthy man, and a Russian émigré. His family was originally German nobility; the name was changed when they migrated. Mohrenschildt's father's name was "Albert," and he was either a scientist-physicist or a mathematician. George had a degree from Oxford. He and his wife Janette would give huge parties at their house in Dallas.

That's a naval base right -- at Atsugi, Japan?

Lee Harvey Oswald: Yes; I was stationed there.

How was it?

Lee Harvey Oswald: Atsugi was a nice place. I was allowed to leave the base on weekends. Tokyo's a beautiful city. There are temples everywhere.  But when the weather's bad (I was there in March), it rains all day.

Were you treated well there?

Lee Harvey Oswald: Yes; it was a nice facility. I could go to the base recreation center on weekends and get a few beers. My supervisor was okay with it.

Did you have any concerns while on base at Atsugi? I'm trying to determine your mental health at the time. Also tell me when you were posted there.

Lee Harvey Oswald: I was at Atsugi Air Base Japan from May 6, 1957 to August 15, 1959. During my first year there, I received treatment, because I was "emotionally unstable"...

Let's talk about your emotional stability. Was it because you were dabbling in Communist literature? What kind of material do you like to read Mr. Oswald?

Lee Harvey Oswald: I just liked reading. I read all types of books. I never agreed with Communism. I was not a Communist.

What was the treatment you received at Atsugi base?

Lee Harvey Oswald: I was given some kind of drug. I don't know what it was, but it made me feel dizzy sometimes. They told me it was to cure my "emotional instability."

Tell me about your discharge from the base. Where did you go from there?

Lee Harvey Oswald: I was discharged in August 1959. After that, I got a call to go to England. So I took a flight from Tokyo, and I landed in London, I think, on September 22, 1959.

Who called you from England?

Lee Harvey Oswald: A fella named Henry Karl Puharich.

Did you meet up with him there?

Lee Harvey Oswald: Yes. He was there waiting for me at the airport.

Where did go?

Lee Harvey Oswald: London. Then we took a train to Norwich. I stayed there at some club. I think it was called the "Round Table." Mr. Puharich set me up with room and board for the time I was there, at two different nice hotels.

Let me cut to the chase. Who else was part of your team to assassinate the president?

Lee Harvey Oswald: No one else.

You mean to tell me, you did all that on your own?

Lee Harvey Oswald: Yes, I fired the shots.


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Andrija Puharich: Hallo. Call me Andrew. Let's go in my office. What can I do for you?

I understand that you operated Lab Nine and that it has at lease two locations. Please disclose to me the two locations, thank you.

Andrija Puharich: Sure. The first site is the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1952. The second site is at Ossining, New York in 1953. Now, will you keep this information confidential?

Yes, of course. What about a location abroad?

Andrija Puharich: A third location is the United Kingdom in 1950. Yes, it can be quite dangerous. Keep this information private. Don't tell anyone else. Is that okay with you?

I understand the need for confidentiality. But you know what? I think you are more afraid about your reputation than the actual projects you are involved in -- That some people in high places will think your some sort of spook. The third location - You don't have to tell me exactly where it's at, just name the country in the UK and that will be good enough. It's not Ireland is it?

Andrija Puharich: Sure. No, it's not Ireland. It was in England, at Porton Down near the village of Wiltshire. They were doing some interesting work there.

When you say "interesting" work... what exactly does that mean?
Parapsychology tank
Andrija Puharich: They were studying paranormal phenomena, parapsychology, and some of the experiments involved the use of hallucinogenic drugs, such as LSD. The experiments were done by the British army, and this is why the research was classified by the British government. So yes, some of the experiments done in Porton Down were "interesting."

So British intelligence and the CIA were working together on MKUltra programmes?

Andrija Puharich: Yes, exactly. I was a representative from the United States for the CIA and they were working directly with the British. It was a joint effort. In fact, it was a very cooperative effort. We were sharing research findings and working together on projects.

Hey, by the way, I cannot for the life of me -- pronounce your name. Probably because It's not spelled correctly - or there is a smudge in my notes. What's your name again?

Andrija Puharich: That's okay. Well, maybe I should just give you my American name. You can call me Henry Puharich.

It's nice to meet you Henry Puharich. Usually shrinks like to publish some of their findings and they often include their middle name. What's your middle name?

Andrija Puharich: Karl. My given name at birth is Andrija Puharich, but my American name is Henry Karl Puharich.

You've been very helpful. Have a nice day.

Andrija Puharich: Likewise, and please keep this information confidential. Stay in touch.


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Hitler: What news do you have for me?

Tell me about yourself.

Hitler: My mission is to restore to the German Volk the position of leadership in this world. I have great confidence in the German people, who, in my view, are not only a great nation, but an immortal nation, one that cannot be blotted out. This is my mission. For this I will struggle and sacrifice myself.

How do you feel about the English?

Hitler: I hold the English in the highest regard. We should never have allowed this war between us, when we both want the same thing, world supremacy.

Did you commit suicide?

Hitler: My death was faked. I did not commit suicide. I survived.

Where did you escape to?

Hitler: I went to Argentina. It was a quiet, peaceable country. I thought it would be easy to disappear there.

Did British intelligence help you to escape?

Hitler: Yes, British intelligence helped me to escape. They did not want to see another war fought in Europe.