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The military-industrial complex secret space program (MIC-SSP) operated in near-Earth orbit and is run by the US Air Force, DIA, NRO, and NSA.[1] It was designed from the very beginning to be disclosed at some point, as a limited rollout to hide the deeper-level SSP, hence the deep compartmentalization.

The MIC-SSP originated within the DIA. It developed seperately and conpartmentalized from the Naval SSP.[2]

“The MIC-SSP is made up of different military and intelligence groups that have varying levels of knowledge of ETs. Some groups think there are only four or five groups visiting us. Some don’t think any have been here for thousands of years. The top brass of each branch have basic knowledge of 50+ other ET groups that have visited us. This knowledge goes back to the 60’s and was standard info in the briefings then for NATO and the DOD, etc.

The mid-level personnel have been told that some humans who have time-traveled here from our own future now look like Grays. This is due to evolutionary changes from having lived underground for thousands of years. One of the partial disclosure narratives was designed to focus on this idea – namely that all the human-looking and grey-looking ETs come from competing time lines in our future.

The higher-ups usually know about a handful of ETs that are here now, but they are ordered to keep silent about it. Some MIC-SSP groups believe that we are all the blood descendants, to varying degrees, of pre-Atlantean human ET refugees that they call the “pre-Adamites.” This is also a key feature of the belief systems of the various Cabal groups, at the higher levels. The Cabal groups believe they have significantly more pre-Adamite blood than the rest of us, and formed “royal bloodlines” and elite ruling castes as a result.

If anyone in the MIC SSP ranks made unwanted technological or informational breakthroughs, they would be quietly plucked out—just as occurs here in our own level of the cover-up. Certain areas are cordoned off to them as no-fly zones – so they do not see the advanced ET civilizations that already exist in our solar system.

If someone sees something they shouldn’t have, and the idea that it is “one of ours” doesn’t stick, they would “disappear” or be re-assigned. The Cabal knew that if the people in the MIC-SSP truly believed what they were being told was the whole and complete truth, none of them would object to a limited rollout scenario. They could come forward and fight vigorously against any alternative view of reality, because they believed in their heart and soul that they had been given the whole and complete truth.

The MIC-SSP are told that we cannot travel outside our solar system. This is due to gravitational and energetic conditions at the boundary of our heliosphere that make any escape impossible with their current technology. NASA has already revealed gravitational anomalies with our Pioneer deep space probes as they travel closer to the boundary of our solar system, setting the stage for this announcement. 

The MIC folks are also told that there is no need for us to go anywhere else, as we are already surrounded by an “embarrassment of riches” beyond our wildest dreams. There are many impressive prehistoric intelligent ruins to explore here—from what they call the Progenitors. The oldest of these ruins date back more than 1.8 billion years. Most of their members believe that any ETs have long since come and gone from our solar system. The only exception is time travelers from Earth’s own future who have come back and visited us.[3]

They have TR-3B squadrons which operate out of Area 51, MacDill AFB by USAF Special Operations Command, a space port on Diego Garcia, and a space port on a major R&D facility in Antarctica.[4][5] This is a former Nazi facility that was expaned by the United States.[6] Draco reptilians work alongside humans in the lower levels, unbeknownst to those working on the upper levels.[7] The same thing is happening beneath bases like Dulce and Area 51.[8]


Triangular Shuttle[]

The triangular TR-3B-like craft have a number of weapons, including a weapon that emits huge electroplasmic energy bolts, like lightning, at their targets.[9]

Square Platform[]

“I think similar platforms or UFOs have been reported in the ‘80s and ‘90s as they were first building out of these platforms that have modular weapons and personnel delivery systems or configurations. They were built up on that superstructure type frame along time ago and they been on improved upon sense but these are pretty old technologies both the TR-3B and the square platform.”[5] “There is a craft that is a personnel transport shuttle that transports 300 people when carrying lower deck cargo or near 600 people when transporting personnel only. I believe Regan was most likely referring to some of the military personnel carriers that was designed to deliver just below 300 special operators and their equipment anywhere in the world in less than an hour. It was a part of the military black ops SDI space program. It was a rapid deployment shuttle for extreme circumstances and could deliver Delta/SEAL teams/forces undetected via this secret craft that was a huge stealth shuttle with electrostatic/magnetic gravity cancellation.”[10]

Space Presence[]

NRO Space Station

NRO space station

The NRO has two space stations 400-500 miles above the surface of the Earth that are regularly serviced by the MIC-SSP.[11][12] They were made from “repurposed booster stages from Titan II rockets.”[13]

Their classified space-based weapons platofrms include high energy lasers and masers, particle beams, molecular disruptors which can turn complex structures into a super-fine dust, and Rods from God.[9] “We had a number of sophisticated satellite systems that were pointed out into space―not at Russia. They were being used to track and target extraterrestrial vehicles. ... the ETs were routinely shutting these systems down, out of self-defense.”[14]

The MIC-SSP maintains small bases on the Moon and Mars, but these are secondary in relationship to its primary mission of near-Earth surveillance and operations.[15]

Abduction Squads[]

They have had abduction squads who abduct people, posing as extraterrestrials. In the 60’s, a very short man would put on a suit and mask and disguise as a Grey. There would be military choppers nearby, but he would be in a man-made flying disc and, with a chemical canister and some electronics, abduct people.

They’ve now developed Programmed Lifeforms (PLFs) that look like Greys or reptilians but are drones. They have a biological component, but their neocortex is laced with integrated circuits. Cattle mutilations are done to provide a biological substrate for these PLFs. They’re being made at underground facilities such as Dulce and Pine Gap.[16] PLFs are used for psychological warfare as well as reabductions (RE-ABs), performed after extraterrestrial abductions to figure out why someone was abducted.[17]


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