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“In the early years of MILAB “Training” there is contact with a few types of “Non Humans” that do a number of things to the “Subjects” among them is cause “Entity Attachment's” to occur which act as “Gate Keepers” to memories (Or what ever they are made to do) as well as to cause the subjects to get caught in cycles of self destructive behavior that keeps them “manageable” and allows them to best control them through the programmed “Triggers” of “Reactionary Behavior” towards others or even suicidal impulses towards themselves.”[1] “I had these memories and was blocked from sharing them by entity attachments ("The Gate Keeper") for many years.”[2]

“As far as the children are concerned that were rejected they are blank slated and returned to their "Normal Lives"... They are somewhat kept an eye on and if they show any signs of abilities or remembering they are re-abducted and blank slated again. It seems that subconsciously they have a feeling of "Rejection" that they carry with them and do not know why for the rest of their lives. It effects them for their life time and it depends on how long they were in a program (And what was experienced) before being released.”[2]

They monitor people, as well, afterwards. So kind of like the NSA, you know, the haystack kind of thing. They pull all of your information in, and they have behavioral scientists that will look for any signs that the programming is breaking down. If so, they'll pick you up, bring you back in, debrief you to see exactly what you do know, and then blank slate them.[3]


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