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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

In DOC# 0021020, dated 19 September, 1947, MIT is listed among several US agencies that investigated the material found at Roswell in July 1947. According to this document, the materials exhibited a non-inert quality, leading the inspection team to hypothesize that what existed was the product of Artificial Intelligence.

Computing Research at MIT began with Vannevar Bush's research into a differential analyzer. On 1 July 1963, the Project on Mathematics and Computation (or Machine Aided Cognitions) was launched with a $2 million grant from DARPA.

Professor Minsky, a pioneer of robotics and telepresence, wrote a 1961 paper on "Steps Towards Artificial Intelligence". A MIT AI Lab (Artificial Intelligence Lab) was established in 1970 for Minsky's AI team.[1] The MIT AI Lab has been on the forefront of Artificial Intelligence research and development.