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The atmosphere on Mars is breathable. The sky on Mars is pale blue or lavender, but it can appear red due to airborne dust. Winds on Mars can reach 150-200 MPH. It sometimes snows on Mars. Ice melts and forms daily on Mars due to its extreme temperature variation. The aurora borealis on Mars is more ribbon-like than it is on Earth.

The destruction of Maldek created shocked quartz deposits on one hemisphere of Mars and effectively turned it into a giant capacitor. Solar wind, sandstorms, and the orbits of its moons builds up static electricity within its crust, which it periodically discharges as lightning toward Phobos or a passing celestial body.

The indigenous Martian humanoids are not particularly interested in expanding their territory, only maintaining it.[1]


Most of the water on Mars is underground.

When the Germans first began colonizing Mars, they unintentionally brought pests with them, which mutated and grew at least twice their size.

The native wildlife on Mars includes giant tiger spiders, birds with bat wings, and large grub-like worms. There are red and purple shrubs that grow in root colonies. They grow and wither during the ebb and flow of the water on Mars.

There are three native humanoid species on Mars:

The Gaa’Lu’Ka are the native Martian reptoids. They resemble rock lizards and have gorgeous and unique scale patterns.[2] They have unique combinations of red, brown, and black scales. They took over Mars after the pre-Adamites had evacuated it. They have a warrior caste. They are an old clan warrior class. They’re not particularly interested in expanding their territory, only maintaining it. The southern tribes are more agressive than the northern ones. They have a deep, spiritual relationship with their planet, which they call Gaa’Lu’Ka.

They have big claws and thick skin. They are extremely psionic. They have inner and outer circulatory systems; the inner one feeds the organs while the outer one feeds the extremeties. They can spit caustic venom.

They had plans for interplanetary conquest until their super weapon struck Mars thousands of years ago and made it uninhabitable. Some of the reptoids fled the planet while the more ethical ones remained. The destruction of Mars was a sobering moment for the warmongerers, and those who remained have been terraforming Mars ever since. They have since abandoned their high technology, electing to use more primative technologies. They are fond of medieval combat. Their weapons include savage swords, spears, halberds, and bows and arrows. They practice a form of battle they call “Fight to Truth.” They believe that spirit tells the truth through meele, so they fight in order to resolve disputes.



The Siii are the native Martian insectoids. They have hive minds, and each hive is ruled by a king. They have the ability to dislocate their souls and move astrally throughout their hive.

All of their technology is genetic in nature. They use genetic creations like we use machines, and they can program DNA like we write code. Out of their own genetic material, they can engineer mothers that will lay eggs and produce specialized insects to suit their needs. Some have special digestive systems that can perform metallurgical processes. Some are designed for reconnaissance. Once the task they were created to perform has been completed, they are decomposed into raw food.

Instead of fighting foes one-on-one, they will produce a swarm of hundreds of thousands of 20" beetles with stingers and also 9-meter-long centipedes.

Anything they eat will be excreted as a glycogen which they can stock as a backup food supply.[3]


Martian human

There is an elusive human race with reddish skin that wears cloaks. They are known to abandon their settlemts whenever humans build bases nearby.

Some of the martians have set up cities within the giant underground caverns of Mars.[4]


Phobos and Demos are debris from Maldek that got caught in Mars’ orbit. First, it [Phobos?] was mined heavily. Later, the area that had been mined was turned into a large scientific research complex by another extraterrestrial group. It had a lot of different technology that was picked through over the millenia by different extraterrestrial groups. [4]