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Mayans are a race of Pleiadians originating from star Maia in the Pleiades. Some of them were brought to Earth as refugees and resided in Mesoamerica while their civilization was transitioning to fourth density and they had yet to liberate themselves from the Orion group. Thanks to a successful ET contact, the priest caste and others “in the know” broke away first. After those who remained in the Pleiades had liberated themselves, the Mayans returned to Earth and transferred over 40 million of their people to their planets in the Pleiades. However, those who were of mixed blood due to breeding with Earth humans were left behind. To this day, this contingent operates underground bases in South America as well as bases in the Kuiper Belt.

Since transitioning to fourth density, they have developed a unique technology that is based on the use of stones and consciousness. Their devices include a polished stone control panel with an array of flashing symbols, a black stone ball which allows one to read a person’s mind, and a “halo” which disassociates the trauma from memories and blocks the most traumatic ones. They now act as a healing group that provides treatment to many survivors of SSP enslavement and torture.

Mayan carrier

Mayan carrier

The Mayans possess giant cylindrical stone motherships. These ships are several miles long and look as though they were laser-cut from the inside of a mountain and placed in space. They have a small number of open bays which hold smaller craft. The interior has no markings and shows no signs of technology as we know it.[1]


Their heights range from 5’2” to 5’5”. They are always smiling.[2] They are a very peaceful culture and tend to stay to themselves.[3]


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