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The Muhammad Accords is a treaty signed by Super Federation groups as well as inner-Earth groups and Draco-allied groups right after the time of Muhammad. It was spearheaded by the Council of Saturn. During that time, they had open contact and sometimes open warfare in our skies between these different groups. It was interfering with the sociological development of our species. This was a change made in the rules of engagement between off-world and developing Earth societies that all of the custodian aliens/gods and visitors must abide by. The nonterrestrials were to only manipulate us through human proxies. It also involved carving up the planet into territories and the formation of the Super Federation Council.

As of 2017, four groups within the Confederation of Planets are ignoring the Muhammad Accords, which include the Anshar and the Nordics. They would begin a slow process of contacting people via dreams and then lead up to more open contact. The Nordics are leading this effort. Open contact will happen in one of two ways:

  1. Three religious leaders come out and introduce an angelic ET race who bring us a book and a new esoteric, New Age-type religion based on oneness.
  2. The Pope stands next to a Nordic who brings us a book and a new esoteric, New Age-type religion based on oneness.[1]