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Ambassador Micca

The Olmecs are extraterrestrials from one of the closest stars in our local cluster. They are third/fourth density, and they share 94% of our DNA.[1] They live on an ocean planet dotted with islands.[2] There are desert and tropical islands on their planet.[3] The Super Federation took advantage of this planet’s geography by conducting different genetic experiments on different islands.[4] Their lifespan is just over “300 revolutions.” A contingent of them lived on Earth as refugees as their civilization fought to break free from the control of the Draco on their own planet.[5] They were the mysterious Olmec civilization.[6] “Their number grew from thousands to tens of thousands while they were here. And then they were all removed and brought back to their star system, which is one of the closest stars, if not the closest star, in our local 52 star cluster.”[7] During their third density, the Orion group infiltrated and seeded their planet with competing religions.[4] The solar sneeze wiped out the ET/ED AI signal in their star system, putting the Orions in a state of disarray. This was a perfect opportunity for their military to drive off the Orion group from their planet.

It has only been a few generations since they overcame the tyranny of the Draco. They didn’t have as many challenges as are found on Earth due to our diversity, but “there were numerous similarities.” Like Corey Goode, Ambassador Micca worked closely with Raw-Tier-Eir during the ascension of his people.[1]

They are “enamored by our arts and cultures” but “disturbed by our capacity for violence.” They “have been combing through our radio, television and internet data” since their inceptions “to get to know more about how our current society behaves – and where we are on a consciousness level. Many of [them view] our various forms of entertainment and delivery of information out of curiosity.” Many of them will come to Earth to assist humanity after we obtain sovereignty from the Draco.[1]