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The Power Assisted Heavy Combat Armor and Environment Suit is used by augmented soldiers serving in the Mars Defense Force.

The suit breathes for the user and regulates temperature and pressure. There is an earpiece which transmits audio from the captain. There are auto-tourniquets embedded in the suit over the arms, legs, and shoulders among other limbs.

Over the right thigh is a hypodermic needle which can be remotely activated to inject a cocktail of drugs into the user. This done before entering a battle, and the user suddenly experiences a heightened adrenaline rush, removing fear and sympathy completely from their set of emotions.

Inside the helmet is a heads-up display which is operated through bioneural interfacing. The user can overlay infrared, ultraviolet, or sonographic optics. There is also an optical zoom feature. The heads-up display can also identify incoming projectiles and highlights them in white. You can dodge incoming bullets a thousand yards away this way. The heads-up display also has a targeting system which integrates with the gauss rifle and displays a reticle on-screen.

The suit has servos and motors which enable the user to lift boulders and jump a hundred yards in Martian gravity. It also comes with a recovery system which stabilizes you using air thrusters in case you fall over.