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Project Bluebird is one of the larger MILAB programs. Mainstream sources state that this was a short program which began in the 1950’s and closed shortly after. This program is not only ongoing but broadened in scope.[1]

Public school students in alternative classes were taken in vans from school with other children from other schools. They were taken to underground facilities below Carswell AFB, where they underwent simulation training and trauma-based training. In trauma-based training, the MILABs were put in sensory deprivation chambers where they had out-of-body experiences. Sometimes, the MILABs wore virtual reality headsets in these chambers.[2]

At night, children were taken to an abandoned mall where they took part in competitions supervised by their handlers. Reptilians watched the training from the distance. Here, cells of children were pitted against each other in competitions. Basic training included traditional firearms, self-defense and hand-to-hand combat, maps and topography, calculating objects at a distance, and radio protocols.[3] At Carswell Air Force Base, the children trained inside virtual reality scenarios. They are also taken into sensory deprivation chambers for hours at a time. Sometimes, they were used in conjunction with virtual reality simulators.[3]

The children underwent a chemical debrief after every training session.[4] They then received screen memories like going to the museum.[5]

At age 13, the training reached its apex, and the children were given a full dose of the serum.