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Project Moon Shadow, devised in 1967 and initiated in 1969, was a MILAB program focused on training augmented soldiers without the trauma-based methods used in previous programs, which were found to be extremely inefficient.[1] It falls into the larger umbrella of a global program called Project Mannequin. It was a USMC s.s. cooperative program with the Bronze Ones. Training took place on the backside of the Moon.

Human embryos were engineered from the ground-up and re-implanted into pregnant mothers. The Bronze Ones acted as consultants for the geneticists as they engineered the to-be soldiers. They would alert the scientists to any errors made in the genetic engineering process.

The original program consisted of 300 children with a 4:1 ratio of boys to girls.[?] “Training took place at Marine Corps facilities.” Children were “trained to develop ... strength, agility and strategic thinking that would be needed later in [their] military service for [off-world] missions.” Once the children reached “age 13, training shifted to include live weapons and working with adult special forces personnel who were both puzzled and impressed by the adolescents they were training with.”[2] Children would engage in roleplaying activities as a form of training.[?]

As preteens, the soldiers were handed firearms and worked alongside black ops teams, crawling through the jungles of three continents, one of which was Central America. They worked with SEAL teams, recon teams, and “other” teams, wearing black fatigues with no insignia.[3]