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Red-Haired Giant

A race of red-haired giants “had ruled large areas on the surface of the Earth during different time periods, just before and after the last ice age. … they felt they were abandoned by their creator race [[[pre-Adamites]]], and were left to live on their own. They now know that their ‘creator race’ was mostly destroyed in a cataclysm prior to the last ice age.”[1]

They are the fallen angels of the Book of Enoch.[1] They have six fingers, big foreheads, thick jaws, and double rows of teeth.[2]

“… among other things, the Giants were used by the Pre-Adamites to enforce their rule over humanity.”[1] Specifically, “they controlled a huge [region] of North and Central America.”[2] “This empire was also enforced with the use of their genetically-created chimera beings and other such genetic experiments we have described before. When the Pre-Adamites disappeared, the humans turned on the giants. The surviving giants had to live mostly underground or near the surface in caves. They were dealing with a level of starvation and disease they had never before experienced. They would go on hunting parties to obtain any meat that they could. Many of these hunting parties would come back with human captives, who they would then eat one at a time. This went on for thousands of years, from the time of the [Antarctic Atlantis] cataclysm up until more recent history, when humans began to rise in population and become more organized.”

“At this point, the human groups began to hunt the giants. Many of the giants' family groups were tracked down and killed by these human hunting parties. This drove them deeper and deeper underground, where it became more and more difficult to find the type of nourishment and large number of calories their bodies needed. Many died as they learned to adapt to the Inner Earth. They soon became a menace for a few lesser-advanced Inner Earth dwellers, as they hunted one of these groups into extinction. This was a time of great suffering and anxiety for these beings. Many from their royal and priest castes began to put themselves into stasis using Ancient Builder Race and Pre-Adamite technologies. The red-haired giants from these two castes left clear instructions for their remaining people. They were to remain hidden, and they would manage their numbers to be able to survive in the few sanctuaries that had been located. These areas had types of fish, shellfish and types of lichen and fungus that would sustain their small population until a designated time when they would return.”[1] They were to awaken during the time of great energetic changes.[2]

Gonzales stated that he had been attempting to make an agreement with this race that would allow the Mayans to come down and provide healing technologies for them. “They had traumas and physical issues that developed from remaining underground, with a diet that had barely sustained them. … about twenty-six of the beings in these Royal/Priest castes had been retrieved from stasis chambers and returned to the surviving giants. The bulk of these giants were being held in facilities that were controlled by either the Cabal, or by assets of the Draco. … over 130 more of these Stasis Beings had been taken to these areas. Among the giants being held in these facilities were an entire ruling-class family.” 

“Since the Alliance and Anshar had liberated a few of them in the past, the giants expected them to be able to liberate the rest of their people.” “They refuse to receive healing [from the Mayans] until the rest of their Royals/Priests are returned.”[1]