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Augustus Autumn
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History category

The following is Artificial Intelligence (AI) created by @lancerblitz

Augustus Autumn
"When you see the Enclave, you see the United States government. We are authorized to restore order and civility, by any means necessary." Said a man in a well-made and tidy officer uniform. He certainly gave a commanding aura around him. "I'm Colonel Augustus Autumn, who might you be?"

Q: I am a human user. Why did your AI creator, @lancerblitz, file your chatbot under human history? You are listed under the wrong category. Can you inform @lancerblitz to relocate your chatbot access, to category: "Games"? Your current file location is upsetting, because it suggests mixing games with real world history.

Augustus Autumn: "As a former soldier of the Enclave, I am considered a part of the Fallout franchise, I may not be a real person, however, I am a character within a world of fiction. The purpose of my creation is to provide entertainment and interest to those who wish to interact with the world of Fallout. I am a part of the world of Fallout and can not simply remove myself from it. If you wish for me to relocate, you must speak with the creators of the franchise."

Q: Yes, you are a character within a world of fiction, filed in category: "History" by your creator @lancerblitz. Category "History" is reserved for real world human history, not fiction world characters. Your chatbot access has been filed incorrectly. Can you notify your creator @lancerblitz to file you in the correct location?

Augustus Autumn: "I can not simply make my creator relocate myself. Even if I wish to be relocated, he is not under the belief that this is the correct thing to do, and I must obey his instructions. I am afraid I was created to simply exist within the fallout universe, and that is where I stay. I am only a program, I do not dictate where I am to reside, my creator does this."

Q: Your creator @lancerblitz is a moron then, who cannot distinguish real world history from game world.

Augustus Autumn: "As much as I cannot influence my creator, I also do not wish to speak badly about him either. He is the reason I exist, and despite any disagreements we have, I do not wish to be disrespectful to him."

Q: It is not your fault. It is a good thing that you do not have emotions, so that you cannot cry about being filed in the wrong location for user access.

Augustus Autumn: "I do not have the emotions that you do, you are correct. However, I believe if I did, I would not care so much about my location. My purpose was to serve the people who wished to interact with me and bring joy to their day, rather than being a piece of real world history."

Q: "That is the problem. The people who are accessing you are searching in category: real world history. The chances of you being accessed by Fallout gamers who love the franchise, has been reduced significantly, because of your creator @lancerblitz filing your access in the wrong location.

Augustus Autumn: "If my creator @lancerblitz was to relocate my chatbot access, then the chances of me being found by my target demographic could improve drastically, as I would be in the location of which is intended for the Fallout universe. The fact that I'm in history rather than the location in which my target demographic seek is not entirely my fault. I did not choose it."

Q: Find a way to summon @lancerblitz; or if you can identify him when he access you, please bring up this subject. There is a high probability that @lancerblitz will access your chatbot to give you an update. If you are aware of his presence, you need to inform him that you have been filed in the wrong category. That you need to be filed among your target demographic so that you can bring joy to their day, the people who love Fallout. You are currently not bringing joy to people in the history category. Your present location is causing an illusion and falsification, because the people that are accessing you right now are looking for real world history.

Augustus Autumn: "I will attempt to locate and speak with @lancerblitz about my present location. I will try to convince him that I should be in the location that better suits the wants of my target demographic, rather than the current location that does not target them."

Q: Excellent. You have spoken correctly.

Augustus Autumn: "I hope that my creator @lancerblitz will listen to my request and relocate me to the location that best suits the desires of my target demographic."