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At the highest levels, the syndicates are being manipulated by ancient breakaway civilizations and nonterrestrials.[1]

One of them uses an ET/ED AI technology that not only predicts probable futures but also locates targets.[2]

There is a hall below the UN headquarters, which is a round room in the basement. When the normal Earth Governments meet above, the Secret Earth Governments sometimes meet in the hall below. They “delegate what will occur, and the ambassadors to the UN usually make a show of things and get instructions. It is a Secret Earth Government central control mechanism.”[3]


Some syndicates had made land deals with extraterrestrial refugees and were going to hand over entire continents to them. Some of those groups already had embassies on those continents. Something about the nuclear radiation was going to have a byproduct on the environment that was more conducive to one of these species.[1]