Disclosure Wikia

The Secret Space Program (SSP) Alliance consists of Solar Warden and defectors from various other secret space programs. Defectors from various SSPs joined in opposition to the inhumane practices of their respective SSPs.

“The SSP Alliance Council is a group of leaders from various levels of battalions, regiments, divisions, wings and corps from each of the allied groups that make up the SSP Alliance.”[1]

“The goal of the [SSP] Alliance is to defeat the ‘Babylonian Money Magic System’ and end financial tyranny on earth. The Alliance wants to restore order and justice and civility to our world – and release the planet-healing, life-extending, hyper-futuristic technology they possess to everyone.”[2]

They kept a low profile after the Air Force officer “Sigmund” started hunting leaders from the SSP Alliance. The alliance was reinvigorated in late-2017 with the help of LCDR “Gonzales.”[3]