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Smart glass pads are availible on Solar Warden research vessels. They act as dumb terminals which connect to two databases. The glass pads look like unremarkable pieces of plexiglass. They can be interfaced with bioneurally and optically.[1] The device has a bio-neural interface which connects with the user and displays information in their first language. Information can be accessed by thinking about it. Highly-technical research data was availible. Photos, videos, audio, and articles coan be accessed. Some of the photos and videos were holographic. Text is displayed in the user’s native language. If the information one seeks is beyond one’s need-to-know, it will display a blue screen.

The smart glass pads could access two databases:

  1. a multi-agency military database
  2. a Nordic database

The glass pads are also used as personal devices used to stream music and movies.

The smart glass pads have main articles followed by reference links or a footnote section at the bottom that comes from each group that provided data for the article. The footnotes were from different Secret Earth Government Syndicates that extrapolated on the data found in the main article.[2]


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