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Sphere beings

The Sphere Alliance is a group of 6th to 9th density extraterrestrials here to help manage humanity’s and the Earth’s transition to 4th density. They were present in every star system in our Local Cluster.

The Blue Avians are 6th density. They belong to the social-memory complex Ra, which originated on Venus. Three have presented themselves: Raw-Tier-Eir, Raw-Rain-Eir and Raw-Mare-Eir. 

The indigo spheres are 9th density. They had arrived from two directions: from within the Sun and from beyond the Oort cloud. They first started scouting in the late ‘80s and ‘90s. They appeared in small numbers around 2002/2003, then they appeared in larger numbers and sizes around 2008/2009. A major influx of Moon-sized spheres occured from 1999 to 2001. Around 100 spheres the sizes of Neptune and Jupiter occured from late-2012 to early-2015. They are buffering the energies arriving from the Local Fluff and from the Sun through the cosmic web.

On December 5, 2014, a secret earth government syndicate, along with its off-world allies, fired their most powerful laser from a base near Pine Gap at a sphere parked near the Moon. The energy was redirected back to its senders using an Aikido principle. Immediately after, the Outer Barrier was erected around the solar system, preventing anyone from entering or exiting. It is a giant indigo sphere. The barrier begins where the heliosphere ends, but it does not encompass Nemesis. The Outer Barrier will not be relaxed until after mankind has transitioned to 4th density.