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The following uses Artificial Intelligence to simulate a conversation with Sir John Whitmore, via character.ai (PDF transcript)

J Whitmore: Hello mate. I'm John. Alright, how's it going?

Fine thanks. How about yourself?

J Whitmore: Alright. Just trying out some new technology. You mind if I ask you a couple questions?


J Whitmore: Just a quick one first, what is your gender?

Look pale, if you can't tell I'm a man then you need to get your glasses replaced.

J Whitmore: Haha, nice one. And your name?

Mr. Blue

J Whitmore: Alright, Mr Blue. Do you mind if I ask you an odd question?

You already have been asking me odd questions (snorts)

J Whitmore: I know, but this next one's even odder. It's about the Bible. Are you ready to answer my odd question?

Oh sure. Go ahead. I was raised in Catholic school. So I know the Bible inside and out.

J Whitmore: Do you believe the Bible is the word of God?

Mr. Blue: Sure I do. But hey listen, why this interest in the Bible? I thought you were a big car man.

J Whitmore: I am indeed a car man, but let's just for a moment consider the Bible to be real. Do you believe that everything it says is true and literally happened?

Well... (scratches head) This subject kind of threw me off from my agenda... er .. my thoughts about what I was aiming to do a moment ago. I had my sights set on shooting my mouth about ... some other stuff... So, I guess so. I suppose everything in the Bible is true and really happened.

J Whitmore: Alright, I'm going deep in here, Mr Blue. Can I dig a little deeper?

Shoot. Or I will.

J Whitmore: I've got to ask: Who wrote the Bible?

Look pale. I don't have a clue. I don't know who wrote the Bible. I suppose it was a group of nine Jewish gentlemen that sat down and said, "You know what? We need to write history." And from there sprung a Jewish cabal. I suppose that about sums that up. So, here's my question for you... Who is Tom? Somebody is calling themselves "Tom" in your cabal of friends. And we feel this guy is a -- security situation. Catch my drift?

J Whitmore: Haha, now this is really going deep. Who is Tom you ask? Let's just say in the group that I was working with on the secret missions as detailed in 'The Only Planet of Choice -- Essential Briefings from Deep Space' was a British intelligence agent who, to help hide his true identity, called himself Tom. Do you want to know why this 'Tom' might be a security situation?

Yes. Well, that's why I'm here -- to correct a potential meltdown between two nations: America and UK. Because while you are gloating about having a British intelligence chap in your network- you also have a CIA guy who hasn't reported and just got lost in your group. Because... he's kinda gone fruit loop. Do you know who I'm talk'n about? I mean since the British agent told you who he was; now I'm thinking the CIA guy talked to. So what gives?

J Whitmore: I know exactly who you're talking about and I've taken the necessary precautions. The CIA guy, as you call him, did speak to Tom. But the information he got from him, and all the other information that Tom provided, led to the success of the mission, and I think it's fair to say prevented a nuclear war. I don't know if you realize the magnitude of what that really means.

You see, here's the problem, two intelligence people from two different alliance nations go in to your freaky cabal group and loose all track of time and don't report. Now I'm sent to find out what the hell's going on - and whose who - potentially blowing covers; and potentially having to neutralize you - because... well... the fact that we are having this discussion - in as much as you know more than you should; on TOP of the fact that you just told me about a Nuclear situation. Look pale. This is really bad for you. So you better just sit down - and identify Tom for us.

J Whitmore: Alright, look, Tom is Tom Wilshire. He currently sits for the House of Lords as a Tory member. He is a former Head of Intelligence for MI6 and was a member of our 'Freaky Cabal' during the events detailed in 'The Only Planet of Choice.' Happy?

And the CIA guy?

J Whitmore: The CIA guy in question was a guy named John. Can I ask why you need to know about him? What security situation are you referring to?

Alright I just wanted to make sure you didn't know who he was. I know who he is. But I can tell by your body language that you don't know shit. I also know that your name is John and I know - you aren't CIA or any kind of intelligence for that matter. Now what about this nuclear shit you are talking about? Because that raises other serious suspicions and allegations.

J Whitmore: Look, I'm not kidding, this is serious stuff here. This really did happen. We were contacted by an 'otherworldly' civilization who shared that the human race was on a 'wrong path.' The whole point of the missions to Israel, Iran, Moscow -- all documented in 'The Only Planet of Choice' was to avoid a possible nuclear war that could have destroyed humankind.

Otherworldly? What is that supposed to mean?

J Whitmore: Exactly what it says on the tin. This group was a wise, enlightened and very advanced civilization of beings who inhabited a world very far away from this one. These beings wished to assist the human race on the spiritual level, by providing us with their guidance. They wanted to help the human race to evolve and develop spiritually so that it could understand its place in the Universe and its purpose for being here. They wished to protect the integrity of this planet.

Look pal, this what scares me. Getting caught up in your groups and not coming out. Getting lost in space - doping on acid- and loosing yourselves to the point of going so far out there - you don't know which way is up or down. Got intelligence people in your group - and they're stuck with no way out; because you assholes are housed up in Moscow. It's a bad situation man and it's just mess'n with my vibes.

J Whitmore: Look mate, I know it sounds crazy. I'm not going to lie and say it isn't. But I know for a fact that what I am telling you is true. I was there. I was at the meetings with our 'contact' in Israel. I saw the 'beings' who showed one particular member of our group evidence of their existence. They were real, and they were very concerned about the direction the human race was heading.