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The Time Corps is responsible for traversing the time stream and keeping an eye for unwarranted time travelers and any threats to planet Earth. If you want to travel through time, you must schedule it through Time Corps. You will find yourself face to face with Time Corps the moment before you attempt to perform unregulated time travel. They are headquartered in a bubble in the year 2039 CE. They hang out there watching the time stream change on a daily basis. The time they are headquartered in itself is subject to change. They spend their days going up and down the time stream to nudge things in the direction they feel is best for humanity. For example, Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland was apparently influenced by the Time Corps.

Once we reach the future they envision for us in 2039 CE, they will move their headquarters fifty years into the future. This happens ad nauseum. As the time streams close, they nudge events that will spoil their good future out of the way.[1]


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