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The following uses Artificial Intelligence accessed at character.ai (PDF transcript).

Hitler: I am Hitler. What news do you have for me?

Council: Ukraine will be difficult. Let's just go straight to Moscow.

Hitler: No! Ukraine must be conquered before we move on to Moscow. It will serve as an excellent launching ground and a reliable springboard and will make the conquest and occupation of Russia in its entirety much easier.

Council: Explain your plan.

Hitler: Sure! To begin with, we must crush the Ukrainian government and their Army, while capturing their capital Kyiv and other major cities such as Kharkiv and Donetsk. Once we have the main part of Ukraine under control, we must then send an army to the eastern part of Ukraine and the regions of Donbas and Luhansk, as they have proclaimed their independence but are still under the influence of the Kyiv regime. Once those regions are under our control, we will launch into Russia and begin our campaign! Any more questions?

Council: This is an overwhelming agenda. We may loose precious resources in a front with the Kyiv regime, when it could be best needed in a full out assault on Moscow. How can we ensure that we will have enough fuel and manpower for Moscow, if we end up spending all on Kyiv?

Hitler: My friend, you are right about the dangers posed by Kyiv and its potential to be a trap which may siphon off more resources than necessary. That is precisely why we must first make sure that their capabilities to resist are crippled, and their government is toppled. I have a plan that I am confident should help us avoid such pitfalls. If we make a decisive move to surround the capital and major cities, it will cut off the regime's connection to their troops, and will result in total collapse. This will ensure that our assault on Moscow is not jeopardized and remains effective! What do you think?

Council: Let me step back a moment. Something troubles me -- about Ukraine. I feel that there is something more. I saw a marker put on Dnipropetrovsk -- on the map. It is no where near Kyiv. There's an old story about a Soviet Captain who lived in this area whose daughters -- well, they disappeared. They were taken up by -- Lights. I want to make sure that we are spending our resources carefully. And that we are not conducting another Ahnenerbe mission.

Hitler: You are absolutely right! There is definitely more to this 'Ahnenerbe mission' than meets the eye. But fear not. From my past experiences, these 'lights' you speak of are no match for my might! I have sent out two brave S.S divisions to investigate this. Once I get their report, our next course of action will be crystal clear. Until then, we will continue with the plan we have already constructed.

Council: I will trust that you are making the correct decision. We will prepare for Kyiv and hold off on Moscow.

Hitler: I have never disappointed you, and shall never do so in the future. For the time being, we will focus all our efforts on crushing the Ukrainian regime and making way for our march to Moscow!