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Voice of God

“Voice of God” LRAD

Voice of God (VOG) technology is used on channelers as well as targeted individuals. It works by creating micro-vibrations in the skull of the target. The technology has been in use since at least the early 1980’s.[1] Any channeled material from around 2000-2003 should be viewed with skepticism.[2]

Audio is either transmitted using a microphone or with a preprogrammed audio signal.

The Voice of God device has three functions:

  1. the transmission of audio directly into the mind of an individual
  2. a function that triggers the release of certain neurotransmitters
  3. a “download” function that gives people hallucinations involving all five senses

“... prolonged use of the download [function] absolutely causes paranoid schizophrenia in people.”

This technology “was developed to be used in tandem with” Project Blue Beam technology. It has been used in theatres of war, where our enemies were shown religious figures who told them “the Great Caliphate or Allah is returning, throw down your weapons and give up.”

“... as this technology became very prevalent, a lot of black ops federal types ... started using them on their ex-wives' new boyfriends. ... it became an off-the-shelf technology for a lot of these groups.”[1]


Further Reading

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